Thursday, December 6, 2012

...on little updates

Whelp, I have finally mustered up enough inspiration (and time) to blog.  I probably should post something about thanksgiving but I really don't feel like writing about that right now.  And, of course, the second I sit down to actually write out some of my recent thoughts my mind goes blank.  It's kind of like when you go to the grocery store and you have a mental list but the second you walk in the store your mind goes blank.  "Wait, what was I getting here again?"

Not much is new around here.  Turns out life with three boys is actually quite fun.

It can get kind of smelly from time to time but, what can you do?  Speaking of smelly-i'm slowly working up the courage to start potty training Jackson.  I refuse to be one of those parents with a 3 1/2 year old kid who is not yet potty trained.  As someone very wise once told me, at some point it stops being poop and it's just s*@t.  Truth.  I'm either going to start next week or mid January-we'll see.

So, i've started back to the gym.  I guess that is new.  I have only been back a hand full of times and I'm not going to lie-it's been pretty ugly.  I made Adam do a team WOD with me the first time I went back. We finished last.  It was amazing.  I'm sure Adam thought so's a good thing he's not competitive.  (Too bad sarcasm doesn't translate well on the computer).  Ugly or not, it does feel good to be moving again.  I was pretty much out of the game for about seven months and I can definitely tell.  I'm actually surprised by how (for the most part) patient I have been with losing weight and getting back in to shape.  Most days I don't feel too discouraged about things and, let's face it, you always feel better when you are exercising.  Adam totally caught me using a hair tie to button my pants the other day, though.  Oops!

Allrighy y'all.  That's all I can think of for today.  Stay tuned for a Thanksgiving post and happy Thursday!


  1. I love the hair tie trick! Too bad I couldn't think of that when I needed it. Btw, I miss you tremendously. Payton and I need to make more trips out there. It's really not that far. Especially when you don't have any daily commitments waiting for you at home!!!

  2. And yes, I did just spell my son's name wrong. Ok... time for a nap. Lol.