Thursday, April 26, 2012

...on thursday threads

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to get a little alone time at the house.  It was very, very nice.  I made good use of my time by watching 27Dresses on tv and making two of these....


It is the tube scarf that I made, in case you were wondering.  I found a tutorial here and decided to give it a go.  Now, the cool thing about this project is that for both of the scarves it probably cost me about three or four dollars total.  You see, I bought this fabric at SAS when I was in Phoenix for I think 1.99 a yard.  The only tricky part about it was working with the jersey material.  I'm so excited about this one and I'm thinking I may need to make more!  Please excuse the fact that the scarf does not match what I'm wearing...I didn't want to change just to take the picture.  Speaking of taking the picture....there is a reason why I always chop off my head when I do self portraits in the mirror like this one.  Here it is in one word: AWKWARD!  Seriously people, teach me your tricks of how to take a non-lame self portrait like this one.  I see people do it all the time on their blogs and I just don't have the knack for it.  I think it looks like I'm about to laugh in this picture because in my head I was totally making fun of myself.  I think this picture was take number six or something like that.  

P.S.  The WOD today was a 5K.  I'm proud to say that I beat my time by two minutes.  Still averaging only about an 11 minute mile but hey-it's better than before!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

...on being pregnant...again

Several of my conversations with Adam lately have gone something like this...  "I don't remember feeling as _______when I was pregnant with Jack."  Which is usually followed with a response kind of like this..."Sweetheart, I know you don't remember a lot of your pregnancy but I do.  You felt a little bit ______ with Jackson, too."  That is usually followed up by a hug from Adam and a little bit of crying from me.  So, you can fill in the blank with either hormonal, fat, crazy, emotional, or something along those lines.  

I went into this pregnancy thinking, "I'm going to eat so healthy this time around!"  Then the nausea set in and my mind set changed to, "I'm going to eat anything that sounds good so that I don't feel like poo."  Or..."I'm going to eat all the time so I don't feel like poo."  Now that I'm well into the second trimester, I no longer have nausea BUT I also no longer have the figure that I used to.  So here is the problem...if I don't have to worry about how I look....then why not take advantage!  Right?  Ha, I wish.  Sadly, this has been my mentality and I really, really need for it to change.  I'm still making it to the gym a couple times a week but really need to start eating a  little better or this little guy is going to come out craving sugar and grease. Poor kiddo.  

Here's a belly shot from today...17 weeks
Some days I feel huge and other days I feel not so huge.  I can't believe that I'm almost half way through this one.  It has gone by so, so, so fast.  No names yet, we really have done nothing to prepare for this little one but that's honestly not much different than where we were this time with Jackson.  At least with this one being another boy there really isn't much prep needed!  Maybe just more mental preparation than anything!  

Thursday, April 19, 2012

...on thursday threads

Last night, Adam and I were picking up the garage and I found a box of Adam's old clothes.  After sorting through them I came up with these little treasures.  

I mean, I really don't think it gets much cuter than this.  I'm so thankful that his mom saved these things!  They fit Jack just right and are so, so cute!  

On the sewing front.  The time has come.  I have been dragging and dragging my feet about opening an etsy store and I decided that it is just time.  I have several friends who have them and I decided that if they can do it-so can I!  I'm hoping to get it open by the middle/end of May so if anyone reads this please, please, hold me accountable to that!  Next week I'll try to get a preview of some of my little creations.  Also, pictures of Easter are still coming!  Now that we have Adam back (yay!) I'm hoping to get the pictures from his camera of Easter!

Monday, April 16, 2012

...on simple math

Ok, so I'm not CPA but I can certainly do this math....

This guy 

+ this guy

+ this guy 

leaves me extremely outnumbered!  We found out today that baby #2 is another little boy!  

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

...on reasons why I love my iphone

Yesterday, Jack and I decided to take a last minute trip to the botanical gardens.  I was completely unprepared.  All I had with me was a couple of diapers, wipes, maybe two crackers, and a tiny bit of water.  One thing I didn't have with me was my camera.  Well, not my real camera, anyway.  Thankfully, I had my trusty iPhone.  Man, I really don't know what I would do without that thing sometimes.  FaceTime has been such a wonderful thing for us-especially this time of year.  It's no big deal for us to call Adam and have a little chat in the middle of the day.  Adam gets to see Jack, Jack gets to see Adam, it is so nice.  Also, I'm pretty sure I use the maps app on my phone more than my actual navigation.  Ok, so here are several reasons why I'm glad I had my phone with me yesterday.  I got to capture all of these beautiful things....

Monday, April 9, 2012

...on spring cleaning

I have never done spring cleaning before.  Ever.  Ever since we have been back from phoenix I have made it my mission to do spring cleaning.  I made my little list and everything categorized by room.  I have been back for an entire week now and guess how many rooms I have cleaned.  ONE.  One room.  I have not mopped the floors or cleaned all the toilets since we have been back.  I have cleaned one bathroom.  That is all.  I have come to the conclusion that spring cleaning is possible only for people who stay home and have children in school.  Because here's the thing....I had one room clean but now, one week later..the room needs to be cleaned again as well as everything else in my house.  I really don't get it.  Any help from you avid spring cleaners would be much appreciated.

Funny story:  I peed on myself the other day.  Yeah, that most definitely happened.  Jackson was playing in the kitchen and I popped into the hall bathroom for a minute.  The second I sat down I heard this shattering in the kitchen that sounded like tiny shards of glass all over the floor.  Knowing my child, I could just see his tiny, curious hands picking up the glass and having a grand old time with it.  So...I hitched up my britches and ran into the kitchen only to find that the plastic egg I had filled with pennies had been thrown on the ground and the pennies flew all over.  No glass emergency.  Pee everywhere.  It was awesome.

We had a good Easter yesterday...Adam has all the good pictures on his camera but here are the few from mine.

Happy Monday!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

...on tape and waffles

Now that the news is "out" officially, I feel like I should express some of the thoughts that have been going through my head since we found out.  First of all-yes, we were trying but we had literally JUST talked about having another baby and two weeks later I was pregnant.  We were so thankful that it happened so easily but also kind of terrified that it happened so fast.  The first few weeks after we knew, every time I laid down to go to sleep I just kept thinking, "oh my goodness...pretty soon I won't get to sleep thought the night".  Yes, I do realize how extremely selfish that sounds but it's just the truth.  So there.  I have also been thinking that my time with just Jackson will soon end and I will be sharing my time and attention with a new baby.  I think knowing that has helped me to really enjoy little man.

The mommy guilt has also started to settle in a little more lately.  I had it a ton when J was a fresh little baby, then it kind of went away.  Now that he is getting older, I feel it creeping back in.  I keep on thinking that I need to plan more activities for him.  Then I think, "should he know this?  should I be working on this with him?"  And then I think that if I had a parent in my class who was stressing about these things I would tell them to relax and not stress about it.  I would remind them that their child is still a baby and that it is not necessary (or developmentally appropriate) for a 16 month old to know colors, numbers, shapes, etc.

So anyways, I saw this cute little project on pinterest and I thought that Jackson would love it.  Well, I was completely wrong.

He watched me tape it on the window and he was completely amazed by the tape.  The color, the stickiness, the roll.  He loved it.  So...I gave him the tape and even tore off a few pieces for him to play with.  

Wonder what he's looking for?

There it is!  Tape-on the back of his leg!

I posted a long time ago about how chloe likes to pile our shoes up in her bed when we are gone.  Well, yesterday, the only shoe left out in the living room was this little one...

So, so sweet.  

And lastly...this morning we made waffles.  And by we I mean me and Jackson.  It was incredible.  See for yourself.  

Thursday, April 5, 2012

...on our little (growing) family

I figured at almost 15 weeks it was time to make the "official" announcement.  
The newest little Baca is due on September 29th!  

Oh my!

Monday, April 2, 2012

...on phoenix, part two

We're back.  I feel like I need to set the mood here for a minute.  It is raining outside and I am sitting at the dining room table with a cup of coffee and some candles.  Jack is in bed and Adam is at work.  All in al, it's not too bad.  I can't really remember the last time it rained here so I'm just trying to enjoy it while I can!

Ok.  I'm trying to remember where I left off from last time.  I started off the trip trying to take as many pictures as possible and did great until the last little bit.  Not to worry, I still have quite a few to share.  

A box and a golf club...what more do you need?

We met Auntie Tiff at Vincent's for breakfast along with Mom, Dad, and the Bakers

We also took Jackson to "our park" for the first time.  His favorite thing was chasing around the pigeons.  He didn't really care for the swing, he didn't really care for this bumble bee thing (below) but he loved the pigeons-and the sand.  

I just had to take this picture.  The kid is at a really, really nice park and he chooses to play with in the landscaping-gravel underneath a tree.  I guess he just thinks outside of the box, huh?

We had a great time last week in Phoenix.  My mom left on Wednesday for Texas to celebrate the birthday of Lilly, my cousin's daughter.  You really should check out their story's pretty amazing. mom went to Texas so Dad, Jack, and I were on our own and we were busy!

Dad and I took J to Chaparral park and brought bread to feed the geese.  Turns out, these geese are not very fearful.  They came pretty close and were about Jack's kind of freaked me out but he didn't seem to mind much.  Needless to say, I was hovering over my child just in case.  

You know, I learned something very valuable about Jackson while were were in Phoenix.  He is not afraid to get dirty.  Translated:  He is one million percent boy.  He loves mud and all things gross.  It is no longer an option to not give him a bath at the end of the day as he often has mud and dirt caked underneath his nails and who knows what all over his clothes.  

We headed out to Cabela's one morning.  Dad had been there a few times but Jack and I never had.  That place is huge.  We explored pretty much the entire store and were there for about three hours.  Jack's favorites were the talking deer, the fish, and the french fries/ketchup that he ate for lunch.  

He did not like this hat but he did love the talking deer...that's what he is looking at in this picture.  

Why not lay on the rug in front of the fridge?  

Me and my little buddy.

 We went to the Mill Avenue Fair on Friday...I think now it is called the tempe art festival or something like that...but still.  It was super crowded but we had a lot of fun!  Jackson got to eat more french fries for lunch along with some other things.  He also got to chase some pigeons.  All in all that's a pretty good day.
Now that I'm looking through my pictures I realize that I have NO pictures with Auntie (my sister) and Uncle Danny.  I guess I need to do a better job of getting pictures of people and not just Jackson.

We got home yesterday morning and had a really nice Sunday.  I'm so glad I have this little buddy to help me unpack.  So, so very helpful.