Monday, December 12, 2011

..on blogging

Here's a little something to make you smile on this Monday.

Nothing like a naked baby to make you smile, right?  It's another gloomy day here and I'm actually quite enjoying it!  The weather here the last few weeks has been so cold-still freezing-and I think we are expecting snow again tonight.  

I'm thinking about making some changes to the blog.  I like to change things up every now and then and I think it's about time for some re-formatting and maybe a new vision.  I know some people blog to keep families in touch with what is going on.  Well, I don't know that most of my family reads this?  Some people blog about crafty things that they do around the house.  I try but I sure am not crafty enough to make an entire blog about it.  Some people have deep philosophical insight on life which, let's face it, that's not happening here.  I blog because I just like it.  I think it is fun.  I'm hoping to get a little more organized with this whole blog thing so that I can start off fresh in the new year.  With that said, the posts from here to  the end of the year will probably be few.  I'm hoping to start off with a bang in the New Year!  

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

...on the cold

This last week has been freezing.  Yes, freezing and that is not an exaggeration like it normally is when I say "I'm freezing!"  The temperatures have been well below 32 which is very, very, cold.  We have had a lot of jammy time and a lot of inside time this week.  Thankfully, this kid is easily entertained......

Nothing like a good mop handle and an open space!

Is it just me, or is he especially cute?  I mean, I wonder if every parent has this conversation like Adam and I do.  

Adam:  Don't you just think that Jack is really cute?  I mean, I know all babies are cute but isn't he just especially cute?
Me:  I totally agree.  He is probably the cutest baby ever

There has also been a whole lot of this going around this week.  Love me some coffee-especially when I get to use my festive Christmas mugs!!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

...on the first haircut

Friday was the big day.  All three of us headed out to see Amanda, the lovely lady who does our hair.  I was kind of sad to be taking Jack for his first haircut.  It seems the first haircut always results in your child going in as a baby and leaving as a little kid.  I was not ready for this transition.  (My "little baby" just polished off two eggs and half an avocado, by the way...maybe he made the transition a while ago?)  We arrived and I was feeling good-Jackson sat on my lap for his hair cut.  He did fantastic.  I did great.  Adam did great.  Jackson went in a little baby and came out only kind of looking like a little boy.  Thanks, Amanda, for not taking too much off-you did a great job!  Here is some documentation of the big event.

Friday, December 2, 2011

I just realized that in all of my time off from blogging I completely forgot to post about thanksgiving.  Also, I have no pictures from thanksgiving-the actual day.  I do, however, have some pictures from the week!  We actually spent the night at Adam's parent's house on Thanksgiving eve and spend all of thanksgiving over there with Adam's family and some of our friends.  It was a great day.  Not Jack's first thanksgiving though.  Jackson was about two weeks old last thanksgiving and had only been home from the hospital for about four days.  

This is a picture from last thanksgiving.  (Adam has more on his computer)  I didn't get any of him this thanksgiving but here's what we did the day after.  

Adam had never been to the aquarium, zoo, or any other place like that with us so we took advantage of his time off and went!  Since it was pretty cold we went to the aquarium-one of Jack's favorites.  I honestly don't know who had more fun, Jack or Adam.  

So cute, right?  Also-aren't my boys so handsome?  I loved doing this outing as a family.  

Well..onto the next!  We finally decorated our Christmas tree last night which was much, much, different with a one year old.  

Jackson didn't really care much about the tree or the lights or the garland...what he did care about were the many, many, balls that we put on the tree.  When we first got married I went off to target and bought a bunch of ornament balls to decorate our tree.  So...we have been spending a lot of time with Jack sitting at the base of the tree pointing and saying, "ball, ball, ball".  I don't know if you can really tell from this picture but the bottom 1/3 of our the isn't really decorated.  

And finally, today we are taking Jackson to get his very first hair cut.  I feel very conflicted about it but I know it has to happen eventually.  He's starting to look a little disheveled so I think it is probably for the best.  Not to worry, we are just going to have her take off a little on the side and really just clean it up.  There will definitely be pictures coming soon!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

...on thursday threads

As promised, I am back this week with my finished coat!  Remember this?

I didn't like the length and the sleeves were a tiny bit short so I chopped off the bottom just below the lowest button.  I originally planned to find some kind of trim/fabric in order to add some ruffles but when I cut off the bottom of the coat I realized that I could just use the super cute lining instead.  As with most projects, I had to get a little scrappy but here is the end result....

I just love it!  I can't believe I almost sent this coat off to goodwill!!  

p.s.-i intentionally had adam chop off my head in this picture because i am completely awkward in photos like this