Monday, October 31, 2011

...on halloween festivities

Adam got sick on Friday night after this...

so on Saturday Jackson and I went to the pumpkin patch to get him a little pumpkin.  

Adam started to feel better by Sunday and then sunday night...I got sick.  I have spent all day on the couch and Adam and Jackson are out trick-or-treating with some friends.  I never thought I'd be so sad to skip out on trick-or-treating.  Here's our little farmer Jack with his cow (and his dog)!  

Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 28, 2011

...on feeling "floofy"

Both yesterday and today I woke up in kind of a funk with a tiny bit of a grumpy attitude.  In the Baca household we refer to this type of mood as feeling "floofy".  Here it is in a sentence.  "I'm feeling floofy today."  Or.  "I'm sorry that you are feeling floofed.".  So there you have it.  Floofy.  OK, so to fight the floof, today I decided that Jack and I had to get out of the house for a little while.  We went to the aquarium to see the fishes but getting there was no easy task.  We headed out a little later than I would have liked and I needed to stop by the store to get some bananas before we made our way down to the biopark.  So bananas were purchased and then I realized that I forgot my pass at home.  I drove back home and got the pass then right as I got on the freeway I realized that the stroller was not in my car (nor was any other type of baby carrying equipment).  I just kept driving.  The aquarium here isn't too big and I figured we wouldn't be gone that long anyway.  It was one of those times when you think, "maybe I'm just not meant to do this today."  Well, we did it anyways and I'm so glad we did!  Jack had so much fun giggling at the fish and watching them swim by.  It wasn't very crowded today so there weren't too many people giving me crazy looks and I jabbered away to Jackson about all the fish.

We stopped by Starbucks on our way home so Jackson could eat lunch..but I got a coffee too.  He looks like a little toddler in this picture.  Like a handsome little toddler.  

It felt great to get out for a little bit.  It definitely helped in the de-floofification process!


Almost exactly one year ago today I was in parent/teacher conferences when I got three phone calls from my doctor telling me that I needed to be at the hospital at 2:30 to get a steroid shot because there was a good chance that Jackson would come in the next 2 weeks.  He came exactly two weeks later.  I left work around 2:00 that day and never went back.  (Thanks Miyuki for covering for me that day...and all the days after!!)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

...on thursday threads

As promised I am sharing with you all my "black tie" shirt for Jackson's birthday party.  Incase you haven't figured it out yet the theme of his party is "black tie".  Not fancy black tie just black tie, black tie.  Although, it would be pretty entertaining if people showed up to a a one-year-old's birthday party in full on black tie attire.  Ok, I found this idea on pinterest and ended up here for the tutorial.  Honestly, the hardest thing about this sewing project was getting my machine to sew through the bulk.  My $70 Shark sewing machine (from target) was struggling to make it but in the end she handled it like a champ!

What do ya think?  I found the neck tie at goodwill for $2.00 and got the shirt at Marshall's.  I originally looked at Target for a tie but they were $20 and I just couldn't bring myself to do it!  This was a fun project and well worth the trip to goodwill-a trip to Marshall's is always a good idea in my book.


Did you know that crossfit albuquerque competed in the first annual boxtoberfest last weekend?!  Did you know that my favorite photographer took photos of the competition?  Check them out HERE.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

...on imperfect homemaking

Jack helping me with some laundry 

Jack and I skipped out on Bible study this morning as one of us is feeling a little under the weather.  The doctor said that he might have croup?  So we'll just lay low today.  I wanted to share with you some of my inspiration for organizing.  I found a link to this website on Pinterest...imperfect homemaking.  Can I get an AMEN!!?  I was perusing around this website when I found a helpful list of things that make for a happy mom/wife (or something like that-I couldn't find it again when I went to look).  The two that stuck out to me the most were #1.  A clean kitchen-never go to bed with a messy kitchen because it is a pain in the booty to wake up to.  I know that this is so true for me!!  If I leave dishes in the sink at night, I wake up feeling overwhelmed (and kind of annoyed) in the morning.  It makes me feel like I have to play catch up all day and just kind of gets my day started off on the wrong foot, know what I mean?  It takes about 15 extra minutes in the kitchen at night but it is sooooo worth it in the morning.  #2.  Do something creative every day.  And all God's people said:  AMEN.  Ok, this made me feel happy.  Do you ever sit down to do something, dare I say, fun? during the day and then feel kinda guilty about it?  I DO!  All the time!  I know people always say that you need to have time for you and, yada, yada, yada, and I get that.  I suppose I still struggle with the fact that staying home is my job and, therefore, I should be working all the time.  Make sense?  Anyways, it's just nice to hear.  Ok but really, I would highly encourage you to wash those dirty dishes tonight before you go to bed-it just might change your life or at least your day!

Speaking of being creative..remember how my mom was selling some of my outfits at her craft show last weekend?  We'll.....NOTHING SOLD!  Woe is me.  I was totally bummed but I'm fighting the urge to quit and give up.  I'll be back to my sewing this afternoon-my machine and I have some unfinished business to attend to.

Monday, October 24, 2011

...on the laundry room

The new and improved laundry room, that is!  If you ask my husband or even my mom they will tell you that I am not the most organized or tidy person in the world.  I have come a long way over the years and have grown to dislike clutter and mess.  So, in an attempt to be more organized and STAY organized, I am making an effort to clear out and organize things one room at a time.  My first room to tackle was the laundry room.  I think this was a wise choice because it is a tiny room and, therefore, a quick job!  I got most of it done last week but there were still a few finishing touches to add on that I finally got done today. I went to tj maxx in search of a mail caddy thing to help me organize my mail.  All of the ones I found were really ugly and around $10-15!  That may not sound like much to some people but I'm fairly frugal (and fighting crossing the line into cheap!) and could not bring myself to spend that much.  I cruised down the clearance aisle one more time and found this little treasure.

On clearance for $4.99!  So the price was right but two things were wrong...the pink floral pattern didn't really do it for me and it was kind of broken in the back (still functional but broken).  I took it up to the register and they gave it to me for $4.00 instead.  Honestly, the cheap person in me still didn't want to pay that much but then I thought, "come on Jess, that's LESS than you pay for coffee and it serves a purpose."  On the way home I kept on thinking of what I could do about the pink flowers then I remembered a fabric I had bought last time I was in Phoenix that would be PERFECT for a little DIY action.  In about 30 minutes, with a little modge podge and fabric I was able to say bye-bye to pink and frilly and hello to this!

Ahhh, much better.  So, with the finishing touch in place, here is my finished laundry room!

Ok, so I really didn't have to do much in here to get it organized but I did tackle our biggest issue with the blue baskets.  We (mainly I) have this really bad habit of just piling things up on top of the washer and dryer which makes this tiny room seem really claustrophobic.  No good.  I found these storage bins at Target and could not resist the color.  The baskets and labels were inspiration from pinterest.  My day gets a little happier every time I walk by my laundry room.  I kind of just want to stand in it all day long because it is probably the most organized place in the house.  Again, I'm so glad I did this small room first because now I have hope that everything else can be organized, too! 

Friday, October 21, 2011

...on whatever befall

I don't know what it is, but it seems like as I get older, I am coming into contact with more and more people who have experienced or are experiencing such great loss.  A little over a year ago I remember being in church and singing Be Thou my Vision.  I had just recently learned of a friend who was suffering a devastating loss.  As we sang this song I almost began to cry (something I do not do often) when I reflected on these lyrics "heart of my own heart, whatever befall, still be my vision, O ruler of all".  Specifically the words "whatever befall".  Not really sure where I'm going with this but I just felt like sharing.  I guess it just made me reflect and think whether or not I would be willing to trust in God "whatever befall".  I would  like to think so.  I hope this isn't a downer for your friday-maybe just a little perspective?  I'll leave you with the song "Be Thou my Vision".  An oldie but a goodie!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

...on thursday threads

I am officially in full birthday party planning mode.  Only a couple more weeks until the black tie extravaganza.  One of my tasks has been to make Jackson his little shirt to wear to the party.  I had a few extra minutes yesterday so I decided to go for it.  It's just a simple appliqué-no big deal, but it turned out super cute!

I opted to go with a skinny tie so that Jack can be kind of a hipster baby at his party.  Not to worry, my tie t-shirt is in the works!  I did most of it yesterday and just have one finishing touch to add.  Stay tuned for next weeks episode of thursday threads and I'm pretty sure you will get to see the finished product.  

Also-Jackson has a new found love/hate relationship with the vacuum cleaner.  He is totally intrigued by it so he crawls toward it all the while he is terrified and cries.  So imagine this-a crying baby crawling toward the vacuum cleaner and then all of the sudden-BAM-the vacuum starts blowing out air at him.  Poor kiddo.  He was so confused, excited, and terrified all at the same time but her survived!  Phew!  

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

On Sunday evening we attempted to have a family birthday party for Jackson.  We wanted to be able to celebrate with Adam's sister and her family since they won't be back in town for Jack's actual birthday.  You would never know that Jackson took a good nap on Sunday because he was terribly cranky sunday night.  He went to bed with no presents and no cake-his choice.  He was so tired that he totally pooped out before we could do any celebrating!  So last night we decided to give Jackson his presents and here's how it went.

Jackson's favorite presents were the book from Aunt Jen and Uncle Dave (especially the paper ribbons on the wrapping) and the ball!  Who cares about the basketball hoop when there is a ball!!  This kid LOVES balls...loves them.  He was very reluctant to let go of the ball through the hoop when Adam was holding him up to the basket.

Remember yesterday how I said I was really wanting to organize?  Well, I did!  Yesterday I decided to tackle my laundry room and it looks fantastic!!  I'm so excited and I really hope it all stays organized.  I have a few more finishing touches and then I'll share my finished room!  Not to worry, I didn't take any before pictures because that's just how I roll.

Crossfit Mom Update:  Whew, it's been a while, huh?  Here's a helpful note for you.  It is not the best idea in the world to go to La Cumbre and drink a beer then order a burger and fried pickles from the burger cart the night before a 6:00am workout.  Not the worst Idea, but not the best either.  Just sayin'.  I have some thoughts on food mulling around in my little brain and I'm thinking about sharing sometime soon...get excited.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

...on loud noises

The other day, Jackson was crawling around, exploring, and shouting very loudly-something he does quite often.  He's not angry or hurt he's just exploring the range of volume in his voice.  It's pretty funny but also, as you may have guessed, loud.  So Adam tells me that when Jackson shouts the way he does it makes him think of this scene from Anchorman.  

Well, I have the itch to organize yet again.  I am not a great organizer and I am not great at staying organized but I get overwhelmed when things are disorderly.  Interesting, huh?  Pintrest has given me some inspiration and a few ideas.  My first two projects are my laundry room and my pantry.  Wish me luck!  

Friday, October 14, 2011

...on friday morning craziness

Our friday morning so far has consisted of some screaming and two nearly successful attempts at eating dog food.  I'll let you guess who was responsible for both of those incidents.  Jack has already had a good nap and I have been listening to this song on repeat all morning.  Give it a listen and take a deep's friday!  (lyrics below, as always)

Higher than the mountains that i face
Stronger than the power of the grave
constant in the trial and the change

One thing remains

Your love never fails
It never gives up
It never runs out on me

Because on and on and on and on it goes
It overwhelmes and satisfies my soul
And i'll never, ever, have to be afraid

One thing remains

In death
In life
I'm confident and covered by the Power of Your great love

My dept is paid
Theres nothing that can separate
My heart from Your great love

Thursday, October 13, 2011

...on thursday threads

Lately, I have been spending most of my sewing time finishing up projects like this one....

still need to add a waistband and stitch on the tie but I think you get the picture

You see, my mom has a craft show coming up at the end of the month and she has been gracious enough to try and sell my outfits for me!  I'm pretty excited about it but also a little bit nervous.  I hope that they sell.  I know that it is nothing against me personally if they don't but I am a sensitive soul and I might start crying if people don't like them.  Not really, but I would be bummed!  If they sell well at the show then that should give me a good indication of how they might do on oh, say, an etsy shop?   

Yesterday was a very funny day in our house.  Lots of funny things going on like this..

Jack climbed in here while I was getting ready.  I heard him crying and naturally, I did what any good mother would do-got the camera!  I mean, really, you can not miss a photo opportunity like that!  Priceless!  I snapped my picture and then helped him out of the cabinet, poor kid.  I think Jack's new favorite game is "let's see how small of a space you can get stuck in" because things like this (the picture above) have been happening a lot lately.  

The photos below were taken after our walk yesterday afternoon.  Chloe was about to die because she is so out of shape (poor baby! and bad parents!) and was trying to cool off on the tile.  Jack took full advantage of her exhaustion and would not stop touching her face.  Finally, he decided that he needed to lay down just like chloe.  It was all pretty comical if you ask me.  Oh, my babies.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

...on eleven months

My baby is eleven months old, what?!  (said in typical sean/gus fashion...anyone, anyone?)  Our photo shoot this morning was more comical than anything.  Jackson is on the move.  Homeboy does not like to sit still, smile, and not eat paper all at the same time.  We actually had to stop for a brief moment during this shoot to remove some soggy paper from his little mouth-which he loved (not really).  The beauty of these photos is that you can kind of get a glimpse of Jackson's personality. Very curious, silly, and pretty much awesome.  

If you made it this far in the pictures then I have a little surprise for you...a sneak peek.  Two words:  Get Excited!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

...on the last weekend

Six years ago, this happened.....

Crazy how time flies!  This year we loved having a front row view of the balloons every morning!  Really, a front row view...on our street!  Papa and Caroline (my niece) came down yesterday morning and we all go to see this little balloon in our neighborhood.  Caroline (and Adam) got to help put the balloon away and it was so sweet.  The Pilot was so kind and encouraged all the children to come and help.  I think Caroline was borderline terrified but Uncle Adam helped quite a bit.   

I love this picture.  This is kind of what things have been like with three babies around-wine and nose picking.  The swing broke (on my side) about 30 minutes after this picture was taken if that gives you any indication of how much food we ate this weekend.  

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

...on new favorite season?

It seems to happen every year, balloon fiesta rolls around and BAM-bad weather.  Well, bad weather for ballooning, anyway.  I actually welcome the cooler weather and the rain that yesterday brought us.  I have always been a summer girl and, being from Phoenix, I'm sure some of you are surprised to hear that.  But really, I LOVED summer (and still do!)  Over the last two years though, I have felt my favor shifting to the fall.  Maybe it is because fall here is actually a season, or because it brings around the balloons, and Jack's birthday, then Thanksgiving.  I love all the decorations and making apple cider.  I wish I could say that I love pumpkin spice lattes but you know, they just aren't for me.   I tried one the other day and I must say, if you aren't a fan of pumpkin or nutmeg, this probably isn't the drink for's orange.  I'm not trying to hate on the thing, just saying' it's not my deal.  I'll stick to my mochas.  So anyways, fall.  I love it.

Here is one more picture from last weekend.  We sat outside with the neighbors and watched the balloons float by.  Don't worry, only half a week left of balloon fiesta and then I'll try to stop posting about it.

Please ignore the fact that Jackson is covered in Avocado and wearing NOTHING that matches.  Sometimes that's just how we roll.  (Dad-see the shirt??  It's a little big still but so cute!)

I'll leave you with a great little recipe.  Have you ever heard of larabars?  No?  Yes?  Well, they are bars made primarily from dates and nuts.  They have all kinds of different flavors to chose from and Adam just happened to find a recipe for them.  I use the term "recipe" loosely because it is so simple.  All it require is dates, cashews, and a food processor.  We made them the other night and were very pleased with how they turned out!  Give them a try and have a great Wednesday!

Monday, October 3, 2011

...on the weekend in pictures





Standing in my driveway looking up

and again

Still in my driveway

Walking to the park

At the park

Happy Balloon Fiesta Week!!!