Monday, January 30, 2012

...on firsts

So guess what....we had a couple of firsts last week.  Jackson painted for the first time AND walked for the first time.  I'll start off with the painting.  Jackson loves to play with my makeup when I'm getting ready in the morning and he especially enjoys my brushes.  So, I decided he might like to paint.  I found a recipe for finger paint on pinterest, of course, and whipped some up for Jack.  I would share the recipe but I didn't love the way it turned out...probably something I did.  I took my gloopy finger paint, stripped Jack down and away we went!

We cleaned up with a bowl of water which he may have loved even more than the paint.  He really enjoyed the entire experience and it kept him entertained for along time.  I knew he was over it when he started to throw the brush on the ground and say "uh oh!".  That's my boy!

On to the walking thing.  Jackson started walking and he is loving every second of it!  The weather has been so nice here the last week that we have been practicing our walking outside.  Today we went to the park and practiced walking in the grass and the dirt.  He also practiced pushing his stroller.  What a little munchkin.  

Random question:  Does anyone have a recommendation for a light foundation with some SPF that is not too expensive?  I'm in the market...please let me know if you have any suggestions!  

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

...on little projects around the house

Something happened and the nesting bug has hit both me AND Adam.  Let me tell you, I have been waiting for this day for a long, long time.  So many times I start conversations with Adam like this, "so, what would you think about________?"  The reply I usually get, "really?".  And that's pretty much the extent of the conversation.  See, I am more of a, "oh, I could totally make that!" kind of person whereas Adam is a, "I'd rather just spend the money and buy it." kind of person.  Imagine my surprise when, a few weeks ago, Adam saw something he liked and said, "that is so cool, I bet we could make that!".  Be still my little DIY heart!  I was so excited!  Naturally, I rolled with it-there was no way I was going to stop this train!  

About a month ago we saw this great, huge, chalkboard and decided to make one for our house.  While wandering the aisles at Lowe's looking for chalkboard paint, Adam stubbled across MAGNETIC primer-what?!  So exciting!  So yes, we ended up creating a very tall magnetic chalkboard that now hangs next to our piano.  When we first put it up we kind of tilted our heads and thought, "huh."  But then....we put some pictures up and, Jack colored on it with chalk, and now it looks just perfect!  What do you think?

I mean, magnetic primer-who knew??

The next project I have for you is very, very simple.  I love it.  It's one of those things that is circulating around pinterest and one of my friends has one in her house so I decided is was about time I got mine done.  

I really wanted something to put right behind my sink and I thought this fit just right.  Picture frame, scrapbook paper, dry erase marker-done.  Easiest project ever.  

Monday, January 23, 2012

...on lazy blogging

Not familiar with lazy blogging?  Well, allow me to enlighten you.  I have a ton of updating to do from the holidays so, in an attempt to try and knock it all out in one post, here some pictures.  

Festival of Lights

Ugly Sweater Party

The way home slice fell asleep on the airplane

Jackson Hole at Christmas

Aunt Mae serenading Jackson

Licking the spatula...yum!

Oh, just so sweet...

And that, my friends, is what I call lazy blogging.  

The End

Friday, January 20, 2012

...on a classic

Adam is out tonight with some friends and I designated myself as the babysitter since I have an icky cold.  I took advantage of this time with him away to watch a classic movie-An Affair to Remember.  Would you believe that I had never seen it?  Not only that but I didn't know how it ended so I was totally in suspense the entire time!  I must say, if you are like me and have not seen this move-go see it now.  It was so good!  It wasn't just the story but the whole movie was just lovely.

This beautiful dress is only the beginning of the beautiful clothes that she wore in the movie!  I tried to find more photos but couldn't so you'll just have to go watch the movie.  Sometimes I wish people still dressed up like this just for dinner-and wore dresses every day.  They are so pretty and comfy.  I wonder what Adam would say if he came home one night and I was in an evening gown.  

It's also very refreshing to watch a movie that has no shock factor.  Just a sweet, simple, love story.  Ok, go watch it so you can see all the beautiful dresses.  Then, come back and tell me how beautiful they were and that you want to join with me in bringing back the dresses!  

Beautiful, lovely, refreshing...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

...on running

Today's WOD:

Run 800m
50 thrusters
Run 800m

So, you know...I'm not a huge fan of running..or thrusters.  Running is something that I don't like because I am bad at it.  Also, I convince myself that I am tired before I even begin.  Anyone else have that problem?  I guess the only real solution is to start running more.  So, as you might have guessed, the last 800 was kind of a struggle for me.  I ran the whole way but actually I would call it more of a jog than a run.  Adam always says that maybe my endurance is so bad because i'm tall-i'm like a giraffe and it takes a lot of work for my body to pump all the blood everywhere.  Ha, I appreciate the excuse but I'm pretty sure it's just because I could maybe push a little bit harder.  So anyways, my point is.  Even though I was tired through the last run I just kept on thinking, "at least I have legs!".  No, but really!  I remember one time a long time ago hearing a man without legs (who was very active) comment that people with all of their limbs should take advantage of the fact that they can move, run, and walk without even thinking.  So I just kept on thinking how thankful I was to have legs that can run.  Even though i'm pretty sure it goes something like this....

Monday, January 16, 2012

..on finding joy in the little things

Today we woke up to a wet street and a cloudy sky.  I wasn't expecting rain so it was a pleasant surprise that we had gotten some in the night.  I was able to have a little quiet time before I heard "mama", come from the baby monitor.  Selfishly, I waited another minute to see if I could hear that sweet little voice again and sure enough there it was, "mama."  The first of many things that I am thankful for today.

Today is grocery day so we headed off to the grocery store.  I am thankful for a health baby boy who sees anything round and says "ball".   Oranges, limes, lemons, grapefruit, grapes, melons....anything.  Instead of rushing through the store we took the time to touch, feel, and talk about a naval orange before moving on.  I am thankful for a little boy who happily helped himself to some dried fruit while we walked around Costco.  Thankful that the same little boy played while I unloaded all the groceries and waited patiently for his lunch (something that is quite rare).  For the extra five minutes it took to unload the dishwasher because of this....

One of his all time favorite activities-handing me clean utensils to put away.  So many little things to be thankful for.  Often times I feel burdened and grumpy about things that, in reality, are little blessings.

I realize this blog post has been a little more on the serious side than usual (and than I prefer!)  I want to make sure everyone knows that I am not walking around on a cloud all the time in a blissful haze of thankfulness.  It's just that I am so privileged to stay home, to take care of my child, my husband, and our home.  It's quite a big job and one that God created us for.  I'm just sayin' maybe it's about time I step up to the challenge and be so thankful that I get to do all of these things!  

Here is something to remember whenever things get a little crazy....

 "one thing is necessary..."

Thursday, January 12, 2012

...on thursday threads

Wow, it's been a while since I've done one of these posts!  I suppose that is because I haven't been sewing much lately.  Last week I coaxed my mother-in-law into helping me clean out/organize the guest/sewing room.  Honestly, since before Christmas the room had looked like a complete disaster.  As my mom used to say about my room when I was little, "it looks like a bomb went off in here!".  Yeah, it was kinda like that.  Honestly, if I had been alone I'm sure I would have acted like my typical self, walked in the room and then walked right back out-sometimes I get easily overwhelmed.  It took us about two hours but we got it all organized!  The best part is that we got all of the extra blankets put away using a special trick.  I usually store my sheet sets inside of pillow cases so that they are all together when I need them.  Well, we just kind of copied that idea and used it for blankets!  There are no longer blankets falling down on my head when I open the closet!  Instead, they are each folded neatly inside of a pillowcase and lined up next to each other (vertically) on the top shelf of the closet.  No wasted space and super easy to access!!  Even Pinky is stowed away in her very own laundry bag.

Now that I have a newly organized room I am back to sewing!  I have really enjoyed it and can't wait to go out this weekend and get some more supplies!  I made two shirts this week but one of them is in Jack's dirty clothes and he is sleeping is one of my creations.

The hardest part about this project was deciding which two fabrics I wanted to use but I ended up using scraps from Jack's nursery bedding.  Pretty sure Jack is going to be wearing this tomorrow.  

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

...on my theory

So I have this theory about blogging and babies.  Are you ready for it?  If you are a blogger and you take a break from blogging or simply don't blog for a while I will automatically jump to the conclusion that you are pregnant.  I think, "man, she hasn't blogged in a while-I bet she's pregnant."  Seriously, I can think of three instances where that theory has proven to be correct.

That's not the case here.  I have no excuse for taking a break.  I think i'm going through the same thing that everyone goes keep the blog or not to keep the blog?  As I mentioned in my last post, I'm not really sure what my purpose is in blogging.  If I was more martha stewart-y I would have a perfect recipe every day followed by a well planned out activity for my 14 moth old.  If I was more philosophical I would have some deep thoughts on God, or life, or parenting.  If I was more organized I would have cute pictures of my house and all my tidy spaces.  As it turns out, I am none of those things.  I strive to be crafty, I enjoy cooking, am not too organized (but i'm trying) and I'm really more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants person than a planner.  So here is my conclusion.  I like blogging.  I think I'll keep it up.

The cool dude at Target.