Friday, January 4, 2013

...on the blogging

It has been a while.  My absence from blogging has not so much been due to the fact that things have been busy (which I suppose they have) but more with me trying to decide if and how I should continue to blog.  I feel as though I have written this post before-maybe last year this time.  I think that almost all people who blog go back and forth.  When I started this blog I did not intend for it to be all about my boys and my family.  I also didn't want it to be a "show and tell" of my life-like, "and today we did this and it was perfect and aren't we so wonderful". I am.  Trying to figure out whether or not I should continue this blog.  So, please bear with me.  I think I might be mostly "offline" for a while while I figure it out.  Hope you all had a great Christmas!

Also-do you know anyone whose kids did NOT have these christmas pajamas??


  1. Oh! I think you should keep it up! But understand having re-group :)

  2. I think too you should keep the blog. Although I understand what you mean (since I feel the same sometimes), it is always exciting to read all about the boys AND every-day-life! Makes me realize I am not the only one out there with crazy days, random thoughts, and shared pictures, whether they are super special or not!! I love reading it! Keep it!!

  3. And btw, Peyton has the jammies with reindeer on the feet, too! ;)