Sunday, October 14, 2012

..on the fiesta

I feel like I post the same thing every year about the balloon fiesta.  Well, we love it.  It really never gets old AND it's so special to Adam and I because that's where he proposed.  Our little family of four ventured out to the field on Wednesday morning.  I think Jackson really had fun watching the balloons. I know that he had fun eating the mini donuts but, then again, so did I!

There is this weather man here, Steve Stucker, who I just think is so precious.  Jack and I watch him sometimes on the news and every Friday he has his dogs on with him.  So every time Jack sees any weather map on tv he says, "dog's on the tv?"  Anyway, we saw him last year and I really wanted a picture but I totally chickened out.  This year I got my picture!

 This is how Quinn spent his first Balloon fiesta.  Only four weeks old!  He slept almost the entire time but woke up right before we left so I got to nurse him at the park-in the cold.  It was pretty incredible.

 And this is how our first born spent most of the morning-with donut in hand.  I think he had four but we figured four tiny donuts doesn't even equal one whole one so it's ok.

I have more pictures but am having technical difficulties with my computer right now.  Sadly, the fiesta is over for the year but the balloons will probably linger this week.  I feel like balloon fiesta is the kick off to the fall season and all the fun things it brings!

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  1. Quinn is so precious, and I love Jack's donut face. You look great! Adam cleans up nicely, too. ;)