Wednesday, December 1, 2010

And then there were Three

I swore to myself when I started this blog that I would post about all kinds of things and not just about Jack.  I promise to post about other things in the future but as of now, our lives pretty much revolve around a sleeping, pooping, eating machine so Jack it is.  Now, I would like to tell you the story of how this little man came into the world on November 12th, 2010-five weeks early!

On Friday morning I woke up and decided that I wanted to nest.  I had been on bed rest for some time and was unable to run errands and do much around the house to get ready for baby B.  The doctor told me the previous day that I could pretty much resume my regular activities so I took that as permission to run a bunch of errands the next day.  I started off at Target, then to TJ Maxx, then to the post office and Hobby Lobby.  I came home and had an internal debate with myself-to eat lunch Or to work in the nursery.  As a nesting prego, I decided to frame a picture that I had made for the nursery and then go make some lunch.  I am sitting on the floor in the nursery losing a battle with a picture frame when I hear/feel this pop followed by uncontrollable peeing!  (again with the pee!)  Only this time it wasn't was my water breaking.  I ran to grab my phone and called Adam to tell him that my water broke.  All of this happened around 12:45.  Funny thing about when your water's not like it breaks, gushes, and then stops..oh no!  With that said, i'll leave our ride to the hospital to your imagination.  Lets just say it involved one very large towel and a bath robe.  The funny thing is that once we got to the hospital Adam dropped me off and had to go park the car.  So I'm sitting on a bench-with my big towel-just sitting, in labor, waiting for Adam to get back so we can go have this baby.  We finally make it up to triage around 1:15.  They admit me and the nurse comes in with this litmus paper thing and tells me she's going to check to make sure my water broke.  At this point some contractions have started (uncomfortable but not too painful) and I'm thinking "lady, look at my towel and put your litmus paper away...this is happening!"  All these people keep coming in and we finally settle on the fact that I need to have a c-section because little dude is breech, the uteri, etc.  Something I knew a few months ago and was fairly prepared for.  After about an hour the mood changed quickly from la-te-da to it's go time.  Little baby boy did not like mama's contractions and his heart rate started to slow down during each one.  They wheeled me into the operating room and starting prepping me for surgery!  Yikes!  At some point I remember asking, "is this am emergency c-section" to which the nurse replied, "No, just urgent."  Really and truly all of the nurses and Doctors were amazing.  They were so calm and friendly throughout the whole thing.  The best part is that my doctor made it just in time to do the surgery.  At 3:19 our little baby came into the world.  They showed him to us for a second and then whisked him off to the NICU where he took his rightful place as MVP (most valuable preemie-thanks for that, Adam).  So..recovery, recovery, recovery, 10 days in NICU and then finally here we are..home!  Oh, I almost forgot.  How did we land on the name Jackson?  Funny thing about that...Adam and I had only about two names that we liked but truly we hadn't given it much though-we both liked Jackson the best.  Apparently when your baby comes into the NICU they really like for him to have a name.  So when the nurse asked Adam (I was still in recovery) what his name was he said, "I don't know, we both really like Jackson." to which the nurse replied.  "Oh yes, Jackson, he totally looks like a Jackson."  When they finally wheeled me down into the Nursery to see him the nurse said, "Hi, are you Jackson's mom?"  I looked at Adam and said, "I guess so!"

Jackson Craig Baca was born on November 12th, 2010 at 3:19pm weighing 5lbs 9.9oz and 18 inches long.  As of yesterday he weighs 6.2 and is 19 3/4 inches long.  Growing like a precious little weed.

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