Sunday, December 26, 2010


 Ok Ladies, I need your help.  It has been six weeks since my c-section and I am ready to get back to the gym but I don't know whether or not I should.  I go back to the doctor this week so I'll see what he has to say then.  For the past two years Adam and I have been doing Crossfit workouts at our local gym and Adam has recently joined a crossfit gym here in town.  I, on the other hand, haven't worked out since about November.  I never though I would say this-ever-but I am really missing the exercise!  More than that, I really miss my old waist line!!  I am so tired of wearing sweats every day and can not wait to comfortably get back into my jeans.  Those of you who have had c-sections...when did you get back to it?


  1. 9 months later and I still havent stepped foot in a gym .. if that helps! :)

    But we dont have a membership and its 20 degrees outside so thats part of the problem.

    I do have lots of friends who had c sections and started working out right at 6 weeks just as much as they felt the could!

    I feel ya on getting out of the sweats though! But watch out - it just may lead to another baby! :) just kidding!!