Monday, November 5, 2012

...on stickers and sushi

Ah stickers.  I'm ever so thankful that we do not have them stuck to the windows in our car.  We do, however, have some randomly strewn about our house.  Have I mentioned that Jackson loves to share-sometimes?  Just yesterday he offered to give Quinn and m&m-pretty good for a kid who loves sweets! (I can't imagine who he got that from)  Well, I don't know if it's because the holiday are coming up but Jackson was feeling very generous with his stickers last week.  See for yourself!

Such a sweet, sweet boy!

Here are the boys little halloween costumes.  A sushi chef and a sushi.  As usual, I got kinda scrappy with their costumes and this is what we ended up with.  

Not great pictures but it's incredibly hard to get any good shots of a two year old who only wants to move and a seven week old who can't really move.  

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