Sunday, December 4, 2011

...on the first haircut

Friday was the big day.  All three of us headed out to see Amanda, the lovely lady who does our hair.  I was kind of sad to be taking Jack for his first haircut.  It seems the first haircut always results in your child going in as a baby and leaving as a little kid.  I was not ready for this transition.  (My "little baby" just polished off two eggs and half an avocado, by the way...maybe he made the transition a while ago?)  We arrived and I was feeling good-Jackson sat on my lap for his hair cut.  He did fantastic.  I did great.  Adam did great.  Jackson went in a little baby and came out only kind of looking like a little boy.  Thanks, Amanda, for not taking too much off-you did a great job!  Here is some documentation of the big event.

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