Wednesday, December 7, 2011

...on the cold

This last week has been freezing.  Yes, freezing and that is not an exaggeration like it normally is when I say "I'm freezing!"  The temperatures have been well below 32 which is very, very, cold.  We have had a lot of jammy time and a lot of inside time this week.  Thankfully, this kid is easily entertained......

Nothing like a good mop handle and an open space!

Is it just me, or is he especially cute?  I mean, I wonder if every parent has this conversation like Adam and I do.  

Adam:  Don't you just think that Jack is really cute?  I mean, I know all babies are cute but isn't he just especially cute?
Me:  I totally agree.  He is probably the cutest baby ever

There has also been a whole lot of this going around this week.  Love me some coffee-especially when I get to use my festive Christmas mugs!!

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