Monday, January 30, 2012

...on firsts

So guess what....we had a couple of firsts last week.  Jackson painted for the first time AND walked for the first time.  I'll start off with the painting.  Jackson loves to play with my makeup when I'm getting ready in the morning and he especially enjoys my brushes.  So, I decided he might like to paint.  I found a recipe for finger paint on pinterest, of course, and whipped some up for Jack.  I would share the recipe but I didn't love the way it turned out...probably something I did.  I took my gloopy finger paint, stripped Jack down and away we went!

We cleaned up with a bowl of water which he may have loved even more than the paint.  He really enjoyed the entire experience and it kept him entertained for along time.  I knew he was over it when he started to throw the brush on the ground and say "uh oh!".  That's my boy!

On to the walking thing.  Jackson started walking and he is loving every second of it!  The weather has been so nice here the last week that we have been practicing our walking outside.  Today we went to the park and practiced walking in the grass and the dirt.  He also practiced pushing his stroller.  What a little munchkin.  

Random question:  Does anyone have a recommendation for a light foundation with some SPF that is not too expensive?  I'm in the market...please let me know if you have any suggestions!  

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