Friday, January 20, 2012

...on a classic

Adam is out tonight with some friends and I designated myself as the babysitter since I have an icky cold.  I took advantage of this time with him away to watch a classic movie-An Affair to Remember.  Would you believe that I had never seen it?  Not only that but I didn't know how it ended so I was totally in suspense the entire time!  I must say, if you are like me and have not seen this move-go see it now.  It was so good!  It wasn't just the story but the whole movie was just lovely.

This beautiful dress is only the beginning of the beautiful clothes that she wore in the movie!  I tried to find more photos but couldn't so you'll just have to go watch the movie.  Sometimes I wish people still dressed up like this just for dinner-and wore dresses every day.  They are so pretty and comfy.  I wonder what Adam would say if he came home one night and I was in an evening gown.  

It's also very refreshing to watch a movie that has no shock factor.  Just a sweet, simple, love story.  Ok, go watch it so you can see all the beautiful dresses.  Then, come back and tell me how beautiful they were and that you want to join with me in bringing back the dresses!  

Beautiful, lovely, refreshing...

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  1. Just saw that for the first time a couple weeks ago. Love Cary Grant!