Tuesday, February 21, 2012

...on chalk, brushes, and olive garden

Jack and I were hanging out in his room before nap today.  He was playing by his little table and I was folding some of his little clothes.  We had some music on in the background and it was just really pleasant.  I found a piece of chalk on his dresser and gave it to him so that he could color on the chalk board in his room-he was so excited!  I turned my back to put some clothes in the drawer and thought to myself, "wow, I feel like this is almost getting easy".  Kind of like, I'm comfortable having one kid, it's gonna be ok, we have this thing down.  I turned around to gaze at my precious little one only to find that he was munching away on the chalk.  BIG mouth full of chalk.  Great.  I couldn't help but laugh to myself at the conversation that had just gone on in my head about how having a kid is easy.  I guess I got a bit ahead of myself.  Oh well, no harm.  It just gave me a good laugh.  

I'm just curious, did anyone's child have an obsession with some strange object when they were Jackson's age?  His favorite things are brushes of any kind.  Paint brushes, make up brushes, brooms, etc.  He will wake up in the morning and say "brush, brush, brush".  Sometimes he even naps with them and almost snuggles them like a blanket.  It's kind of bizarre but, at the same time, It's just another quirky thing that makes us love that little guy all the more!  

One last item.  Adam, Jack, and I went out to dinner on Sunday night.  We had a gift card to Olive Garden so we decided to be thrifty and go there.  We pulled up and could hardly find a parking spot so Adam dropped me off to check on the wait.  I walked in and was one in a SWARM of people waiting.  Not even waiting to be seated but waiting to put their name on the list!  WHAT?!  As I waited not so patiently to see how long the wait was I heard more than one party around me say that the wait was, are you ready?  AN HOUR AND A HALF!!!!!  I just turned around and walked right back out.  I mean, this is Olive Garden we are talking about people, Olive Garden!!!!  Who waits an hour and a half to eat at Olive Garden?  It's not that cheap, it's not the best food in the world, I just don't get it.  Maybe it's the breadsticks, who knows...  We headed over to a local italian restaurant that we LOVE and ended up being seated right away.  It was nice, quiet, and local.  We had a great evening and we were home before we would have even been seated at dumb old Olive Garden.  

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