Friday, February 24, 2012

...on decorating and contentment

So, I'm not gonna lie, I have spent the majority of Jack's nap time shopping online for things for our home. I guess I should say window shopping.  Don't worry dear, nothing has been purchased.  I just would love for someone to give us money and design expertise so that we could get our house totally finished.  We have lived in five different places in the almost six years that we have been married.  Wow, I had never thought of that before-that is a lot of places!  The difference now is that we are finally staying put!  We have no plans to move anytime soon and love this house that just kinda fell into our laps a little over a year ago.

Sometimes I wonder if I am struggling with contentment when I struggle with wanting our home finished.  Am I being materialistic?  I don't know...maybe to an extent I am.  But, i've said it before and I'll say it again...when you stay home, it is hard not to want things finished.  I spend so much time at home that I want it to be just right.  I suppose I could start by not spending nap time on the computer and maybe actually clean something.  Hmm....

Well, Happy friday, folks!  I'll leave you with this little treasure...

After Bible Study on Wednesday Jackson was pretty cranky so I sat him on my lap while I played the piano....he fell asleep.  So precious.  Maybe I'm not as rusty and I thought I was!..


  1. I know exactly how you feel about the home being how you want it. And let's be honest, pinterest doesn't exactly help with simply being content!

  2. I can relate to the home "finished" and decorated thing too... it's challenging. I have a hard time not comparing mine to other friend's houses.. and even at time avoid having people over because of being embarrassed by the "thrown together" look. Like you said, especially if you don't have the funds to just overhaul entire rooms at once- and it being a central home-base you're at most of your time... :)