Monday, September 24, 2012

...on the story of Quinn

Where to begin?  No, really....I'm at a loss.  The last few days have kind of been a whirlwind of emotions and also a bit of a blur-but in a good way.  I guess I'll just start by saying that Quinn's birth and Jackson's birth were like night and day.  I mean, what did we expect?  Jackson chose to grow in my left uterus and Quinn found it more cozy in the right so I guess we should have know, huh?

We had a visit with the perinatologist on Monday the 10th.  Everything looked great, Quinn was right on schedule and there was no sign of him coming.  I kept on asking the Dr. when he would be born and, of course, he could not give me an answer.  I know this may seem selfish (and it probably is) but at 37 weeks and 2 days, I was totally ready for him to be here.  I felt huge and uncomfortable and was two weeks more pregnant than I had ever been before.  In my mind, he was full term which meant no NICU stay and that was good enough for me!

So we head to bed and the first think I think as my head hits the pillow is "oh no, tomorrow is September 11th-what if he is born then?"  The thought came and went and I fell asleep.  I woke up about 5:15 to my water breaking.  I sat straight up in bed and said, "Baca, Baca.  My water broke...this is not a drill!".  It took him a few minutes to jump to but from what I can remember it was kind of like a scene from a movie where the man startles awake and frantically starts walking around in circles.  After a minute or two we both pulled ourselves together, called our parents, and finished packing our hospital bags.   My contractions started about ten minutes after my water broke and they were coming every two minutes.  At first I could walk and talk through them but by the time we headed out the door they were becoming a little more intense.
On our way to the hospital-I'm pretty sure this was taken in the middle of a contraction...

When we got to the hospital Adam dropped me off at the front and went to park the car.  We headed up to triage and proceeded to check in.  At this point my contractions were extremely strong and I was pretty much unable to communicate my information with the nurse.  It seemed like it took about ten minutes to get the paperwork filled out and get me into a room although I'm sure it wasn't quite that long.  Almost as soon as I got in to the room my body started telling me that I needed to push and sweet Adam kept telling me to sit up on the bed.  Finally, after a little bit of banter back and forth between me and Adam, I sat up on the bed and the nurse came in to check me.  She seemed a bit surprised and said, "wow, you are 10cm".  After that it took about two seconds for them to roll me into a delivery room.  Our friend Tanya, who is a L&D nurse, just happened to be working that morning so she spotted us in the hall and ended up being one of the nurses that helped bring little man into the world!  As they were taking me to the room I made everyone aware of the fact that I did NOT want to do this naturally and I wanted my epidural.  They all informed me that it was too late and the hard part was already over.  At this point I'm pretty sure I either said "I can't do this" or "I don't want to do this"-because I didn't!  I wanted the drugs!  That was the only thing that made me think, "ok, lets do a VBAC-as long as I have the drugs it'll all be ok."  Well, I honestly can't remember how long I pushed but if you factor in everything that happened before he came out and how quickly it all happened, I'd say it was about 30 minutes?  Maybe Adam would have a better guess.  So-at 6:51am he arrived and was placed straight on my chest.  They let him hang out there for about 30 minutes before doing anything.  I think I was in total shock.  A successful VBAC, without drugs, super fast, healthy baby, straight to me and no NICU...this was nothing like my past experience.  I mean, we went home the very next day-with our baby!!

So, welcome to the world Quinn Matthew Baca!  We are so glad you are here!


  1. Congrats!! I don't know if you remember me from the box in Abq but I saw a link on fb from a mutual friend.

    Hope you all are doing well!

  2. Ah! I love that you got to hang out with him right away. And no NICU! Praise God!!!

  3. Congrats Jess!!! Awesome story! Sorry you had to do no drugs but glad you had a healthy baby and vbac! :)