Monday, November 1, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and the Heart Burn

So today is my first official work day on bed rest which actually wasn't too bad.  I decided to give my Dr. a call this morning to touch base with him on exactly what type of bed rest he wanted me on-before they told me modified bed rest which is pretty much just hanging around the house.  I left a message for my Doc and a couple of hours later some nurse who I had never met or heard of called me back.  I'm pretty sure that when I left the message I did not say "I need to leave a message for random nurse".  Not that i'm doubting this woman's abilities or professional opinion but the fact is she is not my physician and she does not know my history.  Second of all, it really peeves me when a medical professional who (should) have your chart in front of them asks you what is going on.  Honestly, does anyone else have this problem?  I love my doctor but his office has been so frustrating to work with!  Also, if you know me at all you know that I do not like to ask for help, and I don't like to make a big deal out of nothing-especially when it comes to being sick, etc.  I want to hear from my own physician that I need to be on strict bed rest or else I'm going to have a really hard time believing it.  With that said, I am trying to take it easy and I am not ready for lefty to make his debut but I do feel a tad frustrated.

So onto the good!  My Mom-in-law came over yesterday and helped me a TON around the house.  She was my little worker bee helping me get baby clothes washed, sorted, put away, etc.  We got the nursery pretty much organized but it is not finished yet.  Here is a picture of the dresser that Adam painted for the nursery.  I got the drawer pulls at Hobby Lobby and I think it turned out fantastic!  I'll post more pictures as we get things put together.

And Finally...the heart burn!  Oh the heart burn!  Please tell me that it ends as soon as the baby comes.  I have never had heart burn before and it is miserable.  I'm eating ginger all the time and I don't really love ginger unless it is accompanied by sushi and maybe a little sake.

My apologies for all the complaining!  I'll do my best to make the next post a happy one.  

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