Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pee. Yeah, that's right.

Today marks my 34 1/2(ish) week of pregnancy.  We had a couple of Dr.'s appointments today and my feeling is that baby Baca will be here sometime in the next week.  I could be completely wrong but there it is.  So it seems like every time I we go to the doctor there is some kind of near disaster that happens.  Well, maybe not a disaster but Adam and I always seem to find a way to embarrass ourselves.  For example, at our last visit when we were walking back into the office I stopped walking with Adam right behind me and he almost plowed me over.  The nurse saw and completely made fun of us for the rest of the visit.  Today, by far, was the most embarrassing moment we have had yet!  For all of you ladies who have frequently visited the OB you know that every time they request a little sample of your pee.  Awesome, right?  OK, so in the bathroom at my Dr's office they have a little window/box with a door where you place your sample.  So i'm in the bathroom, I do my thing, and I go to leave my treasure in the window.  Instead of placing it down oh so gracefully, like I normally do, I spilled it ALL OVER the window.  My initial response is "oh crap!" and then..."what the heck do I do?"  As I stand pondering this I see that there is another sample still left in the window along side of mine and it is now swimming in a little pool of pee.  GROSS!!  I stand there for another couple of seconds and decide that it's time to face the music.  When I step out of the bathroom I cautiously peek my head around the corner and see that the nurse standing there is holding back a little bit of a smile.  She looks up at me and all I can say is, "i'm so sorry, that was my fault".  She kind of laughs and tells me that it's fine but I'm sure she was really thinking, "seriously?  cleaning a pee window is not in my job description."  No really, she was very sweet about it.  I guess that this incident was mostly embarrassing to me but hey, at least I can laugh at myself, right?  After all that we found out that I am 1/2 cm dilated and Adam tried his hardest to get the doctor to tell us when this baby will come which, of course, he couldn't.  I guess we'll just have to hang in there and see what happens next!

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