Thursday, November 3, 2011

...on thursday threads

I just walked into our closet in an effort to start the organizing process.  I stood there for a few seconds, looked around, and walked right back out.  I don't think I can start that today.  It's likely to give me an anxiety attack-so overwhelming.

Today's thursday threads is going to be a little different.  It's not going to feature anything that I've made but some things that I love.  I'll start with this little number in honor of Baylor homecoming this weekend-Sic 'em!

Don't you love it??  It's totally on my Christmas list-I love hoodies!  (side note:  I'm listening to 80's hits and Fight for your Right by the Beastie Boys just came on!  Takes me back to dance class in high school...too bad none of those ladies read this blog...good times!)

Ok, on to the next.  I couldn't find a picture of this one exactly but i just bought a t-shirt on sale at Target that is so comfy.  It's nice and long and super thin/soft.  I'm pretty sure it will be one of my new staples which brings me to this what age are you too old to be buying staple articles of clothing from Target?  Please say never, please say never.  

I'll leave you with this...(because my child is up from his nap and has already stood up and turned on his mobile)

Found it on pinterest and for some reason I just thought, "yeah!".  Have a great day!

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