Tuesday, May 15, 2012

...on things that make me happy

I'm a pretty easy person to please.  I get amused very easily.  Silly commercials, billboards...here is an example.  When we were living in Houston there was a nursery with a marquee out front-one day the marquee read "say aloe to my little fern".  I about died of laughter.  Even to this day it makes me laugh.  Anyways, a couple of funny things happened in the last couple of days.  Funny to me, that is.

First off, I have heard about the dreaded "poop in the bathtub" but we have yet to experience that with Jack.  Last night, however, we had a very close call.  Usually we get Jack undressed and let him play for a minute while the water is running.  Last night I was in bathroom and Jack was squatting down playing with some toys.  I looked over at him and there were two little Jack sized poops sitting right underneath his bottom.  It was so, so funny.  The best part is that once we got Jackson in the bath he looked over and said "poop.  chloe chloe poop".  He tried to blame it on Chloe!  Sweet little man!

Ok, funny thing number two.  Today I stopped in to target for three things (and left with three things!) and overheard a conversation between mother and daughter.  The daughter said, "mommy, I want to go to the toy aisle" and the mom replied, "honey, I don't think there is a toy aisle at this Target."  This made me smile.

This funny little guy decided to put on quite the show yesterday at the doctor.  Yes, those are his tiny toes touching his tiny head.  What a goober.

These pretty flowers always make me happy.  They remind me of our honeymoon and smell phenomenal.  

And finally, here is the little bump at 20 weeks.

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