Saturday, May 12, 2012

...on vacation

Jackson Hole.  Or, as Adam would probably call it "the happiest place on earth" was our vacation spot for this year just as it usually is.  This year the trip was a little bit different for a couple of reasons.  1.  We drove to Jackson (not unusual) with a 1 1/2 year old on tow (a first)  2.  We traveled with some friends of ours (who also have kids) and 3.  We stopped off in Denver at the end of it all to watch out gym's team compete in the crossfit regional competition.  The drive, quite honestly, was far better than I ever could have expected.  We caravanned almost the entire way up there and all of the kids did great!  

There is a little creek that runs through the community where we stayed and all of the boys loved it!  Jackson learned to throw pebbles in to the creek and had a great time exploring everything outside.  

All of the pictures above are from our hike to Taggart Lake.  We even had a furry surprise guest greet us on the trail!  Jackson LOVED the moose.  He loved being in the back pack, too.  Towards the end of this hike he was so tired but he wouldn't close his eyes because he didn't' want to miss anything.  

Adam and Ben met up with a guide one day and boot packed? or skinned? or something up this mountain and then skied down.  Not my idea of fun but, whatever.  They had a blast.  

So somewhere around here in the trip (in the middle of adventure day with the guide and the hike up death canyon) Adam and I celebrated out six year anniversary!  One of the perks of traveling with friends was that they were able to stay home with Jack while we went out on a date.  Adam and I got "dressed up" and went out to dinner in town to a super yummy restaurant called "trio".  We had seen it several times before and always wanted to try it but, being the homebodies that we are (even before Jack) we never did.  It was so nice to get out, talk, and celebrate together.  Also-the food was fantastic.  I don't generally get too impressed with restaurants but this place was seriously good.   

On our last day, the three of us hiked up death canyon.  Jackson decided to walk for a little ways and he actually did pretty well.  He did slow us down a bit but it's not like we were in a hurry.  Adam and I actually did this same hike when I was pregnant with Jackson and now he is hiking it himself-kinda.  

As always, we were not ready to leave.  Adam would seriously move to Jackson in a heart beat if we could.  I would totally follow him anywhere but it gets pretty cold there and it's probably one of the most casual places I have ever been.  I love that about Jackson-most of the time but every now and then a girl's gotta wear heels!  Know what I mean?

Our drive to denver was fairly uneventful but we had a great time watching the team and individuals from crossfit albuquerque compete in regionals!  If you ever want to feel really bad about yourself or get really motivated to get into shape-go to a crossfit competition.  Seriously.  I saw a lady there with probably a two or three month old baby who looked phenomenal.  Everyone there was seriously fit.  (my goal as soon as I pop this little kiddo out!)  I don't have any photos from the weekend but my Photographer husband was totally on it.  Check out the photos on his blog and be impressed...with the photos and the crazy strength of these people!

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  1. Glad you guys had fun and Happy Anniversary!!