Thursday, May 24, 2012

Yesterday I was having a craving for peanut butter chocolate chip cookies so I went to my favorite resource for cookies, Smitten Kitchen, and found this delicious recipe.  When Jack woke up from his nap we got out all of our supplies and got to bakin'!!!!  These, like most cookies, were really simple to make.  But let me tell you....they are the BEST peanut butter chocolate chip cookies I have ever had.  Adam kept on saying that they were "stupid good".

The only change I made to the recipe is I did not add the peanut butter chips.  I didn't have any and they are not really my favorite.  Plus, I say the more chocolate the better!

Here are some pictures of my not so helpful helper....helping.  And having a blast.  

One of us had a LOT of fun with the baking powder.  

Don't they look so good?  Trust me, they are.  I feel as though I should put up a little disclaimer though:  You will eat a lot of these.  I mean, a lot a lot.  I'm pretty sure I have gained five pounds of peanut butter cookie weight since making these.  So, so worth it.  

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