Thursday, January 6, 2011

Crossft Mom Take 1

Yesterday my mother in law took Jack for the entire afternoon which left me with, wait for it....down time! It's funny because I felt so anxious having time to myself.  I kept on thinking, "ok, I can get, this, this, and this done.  Or should I nap...or go to the store?"  It took me about thirty minutes to decide what to do with my time.  I finally decided to go to the gym first, then pick up a little around the house, and then work on a pillow that I have been wanting to make to match Jack's nursery bedding (pictures to come later).  Don't worry, the nursery still isn't completely finished and yes, he will be two months old tomorrow...but I digress.  So I put on my new lululemon pants (thanks Annie!) and headed off to the gym for the first time in a long time.  I started on the treadmill and walked for about half a mile as a warm up followed by...

3 rounds
Row 500M
5 Thrusters
5 Push Press
5 High Pulls

I kept on telling myself, don't push yourself too hard but one of my biggest pet peeves is girls who go to the gym all dressed up and tinker around on the weights. one there knows I just had baby so I felt like, amidst all the muscle-y men and women for that matter, I had something to prove.  It's like when I was pregnant I wanted to tell people, "I can push myself harder but I've got a baby on board so I'm taking it easy."  I know it probably seems silly but hey, that's just how I felt.  I always say that I'm not competitive but I'm beginning to think I may be a little more competitive(/prideful?) than I care to admit.

So today I feel sore.  My legs, my arms, all sore.

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