Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jessie Time?

Yesterday was a fairly busy day for us...we had two whole outings!  Mock me if you will, but I find two trips in one day with an infant to be quite the challenge.  Once I got home from our afternoon walk I was totally exhausted and so was Jack.  I wanted nothing more than to come home and do nothing for a little while-to be in a place with no noise and nobody else.  Well that didn't happen and I'm pretty sure won't be happening anytime soon.  So the question came up..."when on earth can I make time for myself?"  I have heard from so many people that you have to take care of you.  So ok, when do I have time for that?  My solution this morning...a 6:00 cup of coffee by myself!  Yay!  Jack is sleeping and Adam is at the gym.  The house is completely quiet and I am happy.  Does anyone else have trouble finding quiet time in a day? Solutions?  I'd love to hear some ideas.

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