Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sew perfect....sort of

I finished it!  And it looks pretty good, if I do say so myself!  My Aunt Dodie was so kind to not only get Jack the fabric for his bedding but also to make his bedding!  I initially wanted to make it myself but quickly realized that I needed a helper.  Someone who is more of a perfectionist than I am as well as someone who has more sewing experience than I do.  In the end I wasn't much help at all with the bedding and Dodie made about 99.3% of it on her own-I only sewed a couple of stitches.  It looks fabulous and I am so grateful that she took on this huge and time consuming project for Jack (and me).  The left over fabric was calling out to me "make a pillow!" and I have really been wanting to start sewing more so last week I took to the sewing machine to see what I could do.  I forced myself to take the time to measure everything, iron everything, pin everything, etc.  I was determined to get it right as my usual habit is to get it just good enough.  There are a couple of things that, looking back, I could have done differently.  For example, I got carried away while sewing my last corner and didn't have the sense to rip out a few stitches before righting the fabric.  I wrestled with that stinkin' pillow for about thirty minutes trying to get it right side out.  It's true, I have a witness!  My friend Marleen was a doll and talked with me while I struggled to get the thing turned.  When it came time to stuff the pillow I decided it would be best to take out a few stitches which, amazingly, made it much easier!  Who knew?!  Like I said, there are a few things I could have done differently but at least now I'll know for next time!  So here it is!  The finished product!  I had fun making this pillow and I look forward to my next project-an apron!  My Aunt Mae helped me sew one last summer so I'm going to see if I can remember what she taught me and make one on my own!  Aunt Mae, if you are reading this, I would expect some more sewing questions coming your way in the near future!

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