Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gettin' Crafty

I have always had a little bit of creativity running through my veins but I usually have a hard time harnessing that creativity and turning it into something pretty.  My goal is to begin nurturing that creativity and make it into a hobby.  For starters, I have signed up for a sewing class and I am so excited!  It is just a basic class but for me, I hope, it will be a stepping stone.  I also have a few other craft projects up my sleeves and I supposed part of me is writing this post so that I can be held accountable to share them with you all when I am done.  No turning back and no giving up!

Paleo Challenge Update:  Adam and I have been eating paleo for 9 days now with very few "cheat" meals.  The first few days were hard but we have really enjoyed creating new meals with different ingredients.  I'll post some recipes on here soon.  The big challenge is going to be when I go out to Phoenix in a couple of weeks.....eeek!  So far, we have each lost a little bit of weight!

Crossfit Mom Update:  I left the gym yesterday thinking..."man, it's almost as if all I've done for the past few months is sit on my butt!"  And then it hit me-oh yeah, that is what I've done (with bed rest, and all).  I am determined to get back in shape and I'll take it one sore muscle at a time!

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