Monday, February 28, 2011

...on sewing and things

Yesterday was my very beginners sewing class.  I have sewn a little bit here and there so am not completely unfamiliar with a sewing machine but I also am not that great at teaching myself things.  The class covered basic things like threading a needle, winding a bobbin, different stitches, different needles, basic stuff like that.  It was a good refresher for me and made me feel a little more confident about starting up some sewing projects.  The only problem now is that I feel completely overwhelmed with what to do!  I feel like I can conquer the world with my sewing projects when in reality I am still very much a beginner.  I have never been very good at setting goals but in order to stay in control and not quit on this sewing thing, I feel it is best to start out with one simple project and go from there.  That project has yet to be determined but I have a few ideas in the works.

Remember I talked a few posts ago about getting crafty?  So apparently these yarn wreaths are all the rage lately, right?  I made this one before Jack was born as a Fall wreath for our front door and I have yet to make a spring one although I have all the materials ready and waiting.  The fun thing about these is that they are super easy and, I think, really cute.  You can make them personalized to whatever you like which is also pretty cool.  The stinky thing about these is wrapping them.  It's kind of a pain and a little bit time consuming but all in a ll a pretty simple project.  I thought about making these as "my new craft", as my mom would say, but then I decided that I wanted to try something that required a little bit more skill which is where all the sewing talk comes in.  I will probably make a few more of these for different seasons and what not but i'm not quite committed to doing bunches and bunches of them.  I did make one for my sister and completely forgot to take a picture.  I'll see if she can send me one so that I can post it on here.

Happy Monday!

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