Friday, March 11, 2011

...on pants and perseverance

So remember the fabrics that I posted on my last blog entry?  Well......TA DA!  It turned into more tiny little pants!  

Kinda blurry but he was just so excited about his new pants I couldn't get him to stay still.  At least that's what I tell myself.  

Again, they are not perfect.  Somehow one pant leg ended up a tiny bit longer than the other which is really quite frustrating because I spent at least 30 minutes making sure they were even.  Oh well!  I bought a pattern to use for these pants but it was the most complicated pattern I had ever seen!  I finally gave up on the pattern and used a pair of Jack's pants as a template.  I found this to be much easier until I accidentally sewed the pants upside down.  SO ANNOYING!  But, I am very proud because instead of scrapping the project I persevered and ripped out every single stitch in order to make it right.  All in all this was a really easy project!  I really want to do an applique of a gnome on a onesie to go with these but I can't find a template and I am no artist so I dare not try to draw it myself!  

On a different note, it is BEAUTIFUL here today!  Jack and I went for a walk to the park and now we are sitting in the back yard hanging out.  

No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you.  Jack is most definitely sporting his onesie outside of his pants.  I forgot to snap it before I pulled up his pants earlier and just went with it.  Don't worry, he's due for another diaper change here pretty soon so I'll fix it then.  Mommy fail or baby fashionista?  You be the judge.  My vote is for fail!

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