Wednesday, March 2, 2011

...on crying babies

One of my favorite things is my new found morning routine.  Adam is at the gym, Jack (and chloe) are sleeping, and the entire house is quiet.  After yesterday, I am so thankful for this quiet moment.  Now, ever since Jack arrived, I have tried my absolute hardest not to get frustrated when he cries or screams.  I always check myself and think, he is crying because he needs something and I am so thankful that I have a baby who is healthy and can cry.  I think I have done a pretty good job maintaining this attitude so far but yesterday, I hit a wall.  For some reason I was extremely tired yesterday morning when I got up which, looking back, I think was most of the problem.  Jack didn't have an especially bad day yesterday but the kid needs to nap and mama knows it!  Jackson prefers to take 20-30 minute naps a couple times a day which makes for a very sleepy and kinda cranky baby which, as it turns out, leads to a very cranky/emotional mom.  Not a good combination.  Yesterday I was listening to Family Life Radio (does that make me old?) and they played a blurb from Beth Moore.  She was talking about coping and one of the examples was pretty much my day yesterday.  She talked about moms who have babies that won't sleep or are sick/teething, etc.  Then she said something like, how do you do it?  You just do, you just deal with it, you learn to cope.  It is what it is and it is only for a time or "season" as so many people like to say.  My prayer for today is that I never, ever forget how blessed we are that we have a healthy baby who can scream and cry.  Lord, don't let me wish away this time that Jack really needs me then look back when he is older regretting that I didn't enjoy every second of it.  I raise my cup o'coffee and toast to a better day today!  

Crossfit Mom update:  On the plus side:  I went to the gym yesterday.  On the negative side:  I hit myself in the chin with a bar.  It hurt.  Slowly, slowly, slowly, I am beginning to get some strength back.  Paleo update coming soon!  To post before and after pictures or not?  I suppose I'll wait to see how the after pictures look before I decide...that's the spirit!

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