Thursday, March 3, 2011

...on things I'm diggin'

Most days I do try to look at least presentable and not like a person who gets spit up on about ten times a day but I don't always succeed.  I tend to gravitate toward frumpy mom-type clothing that either doesn't fit me very well or is just downright ugly.  I love shopping with my sister because she will always tell me the truth.  Ex: "Annie, is this frumpy?" to which she replies with a scrunched up face of disapproval and sometimes a laugh, "yes."  This last trip to phoenix I had very specific things in mind that I was looking for which leads me to two things that I am really liking right now.  I have no idea if they are "trendy" or not but here it goes...

#1:  Cardigans!

Now, this was a very tricky thing to pick out as my sister informed me.  There is a fine line in the cardigan world of mom/granny frump cardigan and cute/hip young person cardigan.  Finding this balance was a bit of a challenge but thanks to Banana Republic I was able to succeed!  Here's what I ended up with.

I am in love with this!  It is so soft and is a little more fitted and hip than the "mom" cardigan.  I think.  Ok, this cardigan leads me to...

#2:  Flouncy Tops

Almost all of my tops are cotton casual t-shirts which make me feel and look like a young kid.  No joke-I got asked if I was home for Christmas break in December.  When I get comments like that I think, "do I really look that young or does the way I dress make me look that young?"  Which leads me to wanting to dress a little cuter/older but again, not mommy-frump.  Enough rambling.  Here... one top that I ended up with.  On sale now at the gap.  Add these two together and you get my outfit from a few posts ago!  

The cardigan with the flouncy top plus maybe some skinny jeans or "Jeggings", if you will are my new favorite.  I know that I am about five seasons behind the current fashion trend but I am deciding that I just really don't care.  I found something that is comfy and practical and (I think) also a little bit cute!  

I'll leave you with some final thoughts on "jeggings"

When T was in town, She and I went to old navy and I wanted to see what this jegging trend was all about.  We found some on sale for about six dollars so, of course, we each bought a pair.  I came home and told Adam about our find to which he responded, "So, let me get this straight.  Hundreds of other people who have much worse taste than you passed up these things and you bought them for six dollars?  Maybe there is a reason why they were so cheap."  Point taken, Adam, point taken.  


  1. I miss you so much when I read this post. It reminds me of the day I was going out in workout clothes and you knew Tim was proposing so you so kindly suggested I wear something a little nicer :) I miss having other female opinions. I ask Tim all the time and he tells me things look great, finally I asked him what makes him decide what is ok and not ok and he said, its ok if I would not be embarrassed to be seen with you. Oh my! I got the jeggings early in the season, never wore them out of the house but I love my skinny jeans!! I just couldn't do the jeggings. haha! Miss you!

  2. Awwww, fun memories! I miss you too! That's funny! A lot of times Adam will tell me he doesn't like things but then I wear them anyway. It really was nice having all you girls around all the time! It's seriously time for a reunion.