Thursday, May 12, 2011

...on six months

 I have a question for you.  How on earth did my tiny baby go from this.....

to this....

In only six months!  It is amazing how much he has grown and changed.  Before we know it we are going to a have a little toddler on our hands!  I'm hoping at that point I'll start to feel more like I know what I'm doing.  After all, I did work with toddlers for pretty much my whole career.  One thing I have noticed about Jack's personality is that he is very much an observer and somewhat cautious around people.  He thinks pretty hard before he decides if he wants to smile at you or not.  I view this as a sign that he is going to be an independent thinker which is something that I am so thankful for.  I keep on praying that he will be a leader among his peers and from what I can tell so far, at six months, he totally will be.  I feel like I kind of sound like one of those moms who to everything says, "my baby is a genius!"  Well, he probably is, so it's ok.  He also has a little bit of a goofy side so I'm thinking he'll be a good balance of serious and silly.  
Here are a few more photos from our 6 month shoot.  

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