Monday, March 12, 2012

...on a glimpse of spring

Today is lovely.  The sun is shining and the wind is not blowing.  I almost wore flip-flops to the grocery store-that's how nice it is.  The tree outside of our living room window is starting to bloom.

And, thanks to Adam's Mom, our house if filled with fresh flowers!  (Left over from a wedding shower that she threw this weekend)

Can you see the flowers on the kitchen island, too?  I only wish that I had pictures of the daffodils (my favorite!) at the entrance to our neighborhood.  

The nice weather is a great respite from the gloomy, cold weather of the past week.  I don't know how long it will last but I'm going to take full advantage while I can.  

This weekend was pretty uneventful for me and Jackson.  Adam worked, and worked, and worked.  We decided to have a home date on Saturday evening so I cooked paella and to make it feel more like a "date" I got out our fancy china.  Not to worry, we kept it casual with our Rudy's cups.  We're pretty classy like that.  

Isn't it funny that when you blog and you do something simple like make dinner you automatically think, "wait-I need to take a picture!"  

(Thanks, Annie, for the Paella idea-it sounded good to me so I made it too!)


  1. Sounds good to me, too. I might have to make that before we start the 6 weeks of strict Paleo...

  2. Yours looks yummier than mine though. You've got to love getting out your paella rice and finding bugs in it. I had to sub long grain rice and it didn't seem quite right. Oh well.