Wednesday, March 7, 2012

...on this guy

I don't know that I have ever really done a post that is fully dedicated to our little Ham but the time has come.  I can't help it.  He is just doing to many funny and cute things that I have to share.

I'm pretty sure the instruction here was, "Jack- let's look as handsome as possible".  I think they did a pretty good job!  Let start with words, shall we?  

It's kind of hard to make a list of words that a 16 month old is saying because, as parents, we understand what he is going for whereas other people might be entirely clueless.  So far, at 16 months Jack can say:

Clo-clo (Chloe)
Boof (fish)
No (no-that one is pretty clear)
Cookie (seriously, this kid is JUST like his mama when it comes to sugar.  He gets visibly excited when he knows sugar is coming!)
Broom (All of these words kind of sound the same)
Cow (this one might be a little questionable)

That's all I can think of right now.  Box-did I miss anything?  It's amazing how much he can understand though.  For example, the other day I asked him if he wanted to put his shoes on and he sat down and started trying to put them on his feet.  He is very into trash right now and does not hesitate to let us know when he has found some.  He then proceeds to walk towards the trash can so that he can throw it away.  Today he was ripping wax paper off of the roll and saying "trash" so that I would open the trash can and let him throw it away.  He also LOVES helping me make the bed.  Most mornings when I start to mess with the covers he walks over to the throw pillows and tries to pick them up and hand them to me.  It's pretty cute because some of them are a little too big for him to pick up.  In that case, he just drags them across the floor to wherever I am.  One last thing that this kid loves-outside.  LOVES IT.  Outside and dirt. His Hammy was wondering why he started digging in her Jade plant that is inside for the winter.  Well, it's probably because when he is outside we let him do this....

How can you say no when he happily plays in the dirt for 20-30 minutes?  

Ok, one more little story to share.  Yesterday afternoon J and I went to the apple store for some assistance with my computer.  I was waiting at the bar while Jack was exploring near the kids area.  (he was very interested in the "ball" or the stools at the kid's computers.  There were two other children around with their dad and then there was a lady who sat next to me.  She was watching Jackson and turned to me and said, "Is that your kid"  I said yes and she said, "He's so cute.  He's totally the cutest one.  He's so smart too!  Look and how he reacts to people-he's so smart!  You can just tell.  I don't even like kids but he is so cute!"  I mean, I know she was a stranger and clearly not fond at all of the other children around, but it made this mama feel good to hear that she thought Jack was not only cute but incredibly smart, too!  Thanks lady at the Apple store-you gave me a good laugh!  

Oooh, and...I went by anthropology yesterday after the apple store just to see what was on sale and I found this....

It is a butter dish!  I have been needing one of these and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the price-1.95!  There were a few left so if you need a cutie butter dish at a great price I'd head on out and get you one!  

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