Friday, March 9, 2012

...on lazy mornings

I love Friday mornings around our house.  They are super easy and laid back.  We stay in our jammys for a little longer than usual and we take our time getting ready.  After breakfast, Jackson shuffles around the house playing with his brushes or spatulas or ball...pretty much whatever he is into at the moment.  It seems like the rest of the week stays fairly busy with errands and things but Friday mornings are a nice and slow.

If you have any children, i'm sure you have been told repeatedly to "enjoy this age because it goes by so fast."  If I have heard this once i've heard it about a million times.  I know it is true, but sometimes hard to remember.  In the midst of tantrums, whining, and screaming, sometimes it is hard to remember.  Maybe I should take mornings like this a lesson in how to just slow down.  To remember that this tiny little person won't always be tiny and won't always need me like he does now.  I was somewhere the other day and Jack was either crying or repeatedly saying "mama, mama".  A woman next to me said, "That's so nice that he still needs you."  For some reason that statement kind of hit me.  I need to remember that he won't always need me the way he does now.  That is definitely something to remember.

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