Tuesday, March 13, 2012

...on outside and cotton balls

Today has been just as beautiful as yesterday!  Jack and I have spent a lot of time outside this morning.  First we were out in the front yard-I cleaned out my car while Jack carried around his broom, golf club, and shovel. After we came in and ate lunch we headed out back to play.  I think I have mentioned before that this kid loves brooms and brushes.  Well, here's some proof.  He carried this broom everywhere outside. 

This second picture was taken right before a face-plant that he quickly recovered from.  He was a man on a mission-looking for the neighbor's dog.  You should have seen him yesterday looking for the dog.  Chloe was in our yard, the neighbor's dog was in their yard and there was a dog over the fence.  They all kept on barking and Jackson was standing in the middle of the street saying "dog" and turning in circles.  He could not figure out which barking sound to walk towards.  It was pretty entertaining.  

We had a little incident with some cotton balls yesterday.  One of us got into the drawer and dumped out the entire bag.  Thankfully it was only about half full. 

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