Tuesday, March 27, 2012

...our exile to phoenix

As most of you know, Adam is a CPA.  Most of you also probably know (or at least you should) that taxes are due no, not April 15th but April 17th this year.  Awesome.  Thanks a lot Washington D.C....I really appreciate it-two years in a row.  Well, my point is that Adam is insanely busy this year and as a result, Adam and I agreed that Jackson and I should head out to Phoenix for a bit.  While we miss home, we have been having a great time visiting with family and friends.  Here are a few photos from our trip so far.  

On the airplane.  Please make note of the vintage Nikes....they were Adam's.  

Playing withe Grandma

Jack and Grandpa playing with the barn that Grandpa Kramer made...pretty cool.

Really wanting to to outside

We went to the zoo and Jack's favorite things were all the ducks.  

Pointing at the goat or "dog"  He was also a fan of the brooms/pooper scoopers in the petting zoo.  

Lunch time!


And...the broom

First scraped knee...this was after he re-scraped it twice


And finally, here is one of my favorite things about visiting phoenix in the spring...the orange blossoms!!!! I wish that I could put a scratch and sniff sticker on the screen so that you could smell how wonderful they are.  But, I can't-so these pictures are going to have to do.  

More to come.... :)

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  1. Look at those muscles in the giraffe picture... CrossFit seems to be working!