Saturday, April 7, 2012

...on tape and waffles

Now that the news is "out" officially, I feel like I should express some of the thoughts that have been going through my head since we found out.  First of all-yes, we were trying but we had literally JUST talked about having another baby and two weeks later I was pregnant.  We were so thankful that it happened so easily but also kind of terrified that it happened so fast.  The first few weeks after we knew, every time I laid down to go to sleep I just kept thinking, "oh my goodness...pretty soon I won't get to sleep thought the night".  Yes, I do realize how extremely selfish that sounds but it's just the truth.  So there.  I have also been thinking that my time with just Jackson will soon end and I will be sharing my time and attention with a new baby.  I think knowing that has helped me to really enjoy little man.

The mommy guilt has also started to settle in a little more lately.  I had it a ton when J was a fresh little baby, then it kind of went away.  Now that he is getting older, I feel it creeping back in.  I keep on thinking that I need to plan more activities for him.  Then I think, "should he know this?  should I be working on this with him?"  And then I think that if I had a parent in my class who was stressing about these things I would tell them to relax and not stress about it.  I would remind them that their child is still a baby and that it is not necessary (or developmentally appropriate) for a 16 month old to know colors, numbers, shapes, etc.

So anyways, I saw this cute little project on pinterest and I thought that Jackson would love it.  Well, I was completely wrong.

He watched me tape it on the window and he was completely amazed by the tape.  The color, the stickiness, the roll.  He loved it.  So...I gave him the tape and even tore off a few pieces for him to play with.  

Wonder what he's looking for?

There it is!  Tape-on the back of his leg!

I posted a long time ago about how chloe likes to pile our shoes up in her bed when we are gone.  Well, yesterday, the only shoe left out in the living room was this little one...

So, so sweet.  

And lastly...this morning we made waffles.  And by we I mean me and Jackson.  It was incredible.  See for yourself.  

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