Monday, June 4, 2012

...on a big weekend

What a good weekend.  Don't you just love weekends like that?  Nothing too exciting happens or is planned but the weekend turns out to be so fun?  That's kind of how ours was.  I think what made the weekend so fun was that it was FULL of family time-just the three of us.  Something we have really been needing lately.  

Saturday afternoon I had a baby shower to go to so I left Adam and Jack in charge at the house.  Turns out, they are a great team!  Jack slept for a little bit and Adam (my hero!) started to sand and prime Jackson's new furniture for his new big boy room!  It was such a great surprise to come home to!  

Adam found out just how much Jack loves to you can see...

We all continued to work on the furniture Sunday and I am happy to announce that it is almost finished!  This means that Jack will probably be moved into his new room shortly after Adam gets back from the race (more on that later, too)!  Just for the record, I was super hesitant to let Jack paint the dresser by himself but it ended with a perfect little masterpiece that we are not going to paint over.  Thanks to Adam for convincing me to let him at it! 

 Not only did we have a great weekend but we have also had a really enjoyable Monday so far.  We went grocery shopping then popped over to Starbucks for a treat!  Seriously, this kid....I just love him.  When he lost the straw inside of the milk carton we had to go get him a cup, instead.  I think he liked it even better because he could pretend that his milk was "coppey" (which, of course, is his word for coffee).

Have a great Monday!

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