Wednesday, July 11, 2012

...on cushions in the works

I think I mentioned several posts ago that we are in the process of moving Jackson into the guest bedroom.  I'm pretty sure I also mentioned that we have been working on some different pieces of furniture for his room including a night stand, a dresser, and a chair.  The night stand and dresser are finished and the chair is a work in progress.  I'm making new cushions for it which is a little bit out of my league as far as sewing projects are concerned.  I think my brain nearly melted the other night trying to figure out exactly what size to cut all of the pieces.  I had to call Adam in to double check my math.  On top of all that, I ended up buying an upholstery fabric that has a little bit of a stretch to it.  I am using an online tutorial because, for me, tutorials are far more simple than patterns-I can't even imagine what this project would be like if I had to follow a pattern!  Well, I think today it the day that I actually start sewing.  In theory, this should be the easy part.  Everything is measured, cut, and ready to go so hopefully but the end of the week/weekend I'll have a brand new chair to show you!  Here are my little piles of material for each cushion-looks good so far, right?

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  1. I am sure they will look great! Good luck!