Friday, July 20, 2012

...on the family that nests together....

...I'm not quite sure how to end that sentence but it just seemed too appropriate for everything that has been going on around our house lately.  Adam and I, both, have been in complete nest mode for the past couple of weeks.  It seems lately that every night is filled with some sort of home project.  I finally finished the chair that I had been working on.  Remember this?

Well, it now looks like this....

I can not believe that I finished it.  As usual, I had to get a little scrappy-especially when it came to sewing up all the end pieces.  If you look closely you can see what the old cushions looked like (top left of the photo-on the ground).  Remember how I said that my fabric was stretchy?  Well, the funny thing is that one of these cushions was meant to be exactly two inches shorter than the other.  Turns out that didn't happen...they are both exactly the same size.  But hey-it is done and I'm pretty pleased with the finished product!  I used this tutorial to help me out and it worked really well!  Our next big project is to get Jack's big boy room all ready.  Once that happens this chair will move from out garage to its new home in J's room.  

Something that I had on my "to do" list right before they put me on bed rest (a few weeks ago) was to clean out and organize our pantry.  I'm not a great organizer.  I had even been looking at ideas on pinterest of how to organize a pantry.  Well, I was unable to do it so when my sister in law came into town she offered to help me.  And by help I mean she did the entire thing while I sat on the counter and watched.  I just told her that I wanted it to be organized and pretty.  She claimed that she, too, was not a great organizer but just look at this finished project!!

I think she did a great job and I'm so appreciative of all of her help!  It makes me little heart happy every day when I look into a pantry that is not a total disaster!  

I kinda think that even Jack might be doing a little bit of nesting.  His new favorite thing is "help".  He LOVES to help.  Last week I put on my montessori thinking cap and decided that he could help me out by washing his little table.  I set it all up for him and let him go at it.  He must have thought that he hit the jackpot because he got to help AND use water all at the same time.  

The vacuum obsession continues!  We got a super exciting surprise package in the mail the other day.  Seriously, the whole family has been buzzing about it all week!  My dad knew that I had been wanting a  hand help vacuum for a while now and he came across one so he ordered it for us!  I seriously can not say enough good things about this little vacuum-we have already used it a ton!  Jackson even knows how to turn it on!  Thanks Dad!  

When my sister was in town she helped me rearrange the living room furniture.  The arrangement was great but the rug we had was way too small for the space.  We measured and decided that we needed a 12x12 rug in order to cover enough of the tile to make the living room feel cozy and inviting.  I don't know if you have looked at the price of rugs lately but they aren't exactly going for peanuts.  The movie quote that best describes how I feel about rug prices goes something like this..."shree dollas for a hot dog!?"-anyone?  anyone?  Well, in a stroke of genius and also, copying the idea from one of my friends, I went to a carpet store and got a piece of carpet cut and bound into a rug.  Voila!  A super comfy "custom" rug for much, much, less that what a real rug would cost!  I would highly recommend this to anyone in the market for rugs!  

This photo actually has nothing to do with us nesting.  Jack and I were playing outside yesterday and I just thought, "I think our front porch is so cute, I should take a picture"  and so I did.  

The wreath and the door mat were both made by me.  We saw a similar door mat a few years ago when we were in Jackson Hole and I decided that I could just make one for way less than the boutique was charging-so I did!  I bought the rocks from michael's and a cheap-o mat from target.  I can't remember exactly what kind of glue I used but I think that any kind of super glue would probably be just fine.   

And finally...a belly shot.  I forced Adam to take a full picture of my this time instead of my usual belly shot taken in the mirror of the bathroom with the toilet in the background.  Adam has told me this before and last night completely confirmed it.  I am the worst photo subject ever!  We were watching this episode of "Psych" the other night-the one where Lassy's sister is making a video around the precinct and Juliet is a complete goober in front of the camera.  That's pretty much me.  As soon as I know there is a camera on me I turn into a complete goober.  No joke, I think this photo is take #6-a lot of effort went into it and let's face it, it's still not great.  At least you can get the idea.....almost 30 weeks

Happy Friday everyone!

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