Wednesday, June 15, 2011

...on coming to Jesus

I think that I am out of control.  I feel like everything in life is so overwhelming right now and I don't even know why.  Does anybody else feel like that?  I feel like it is time to have a come to Jesus meeting with myself, know what I mean?  Part of me kind of feels like I might be going through some late post-pardom depression only I don't feel depressed just really, really off...Just ask my husband.  I find myself having bizarre overreactions to silly things.  Pardon my rambling but I just felt like I needed to write.

Ok, I think that is out of my system.  Thank you, blogosphere, for letting me vent.  In other news, out little Jack-man has (kinda) started to sit up!  My sister-in-law tells me that this is a HUGE game changer.  I'm super excited about being able to sit him up to play as opposed to him lying on his back or tummy to play.  I think this will lead to a much happier baby and for that I am so, so thankful.

So back to what I was talking about earlier, the out-of-controll-ness.  Towards the end of our trip to San Diego, Jack was just done.  He was so completely 100% off his schedule that he was protesting by screaming and staying awake.  I nearly had a nervous breakdown which led us to this moment...

No, Adam did not propose again, although I'm sure he would, right???  Adam and I decided to take Jack for a walk in the BOB in hopes that he would fall into a restful sleep.  Well, he didn't.  BUT, we did come across this sweet couple getting engaged on the beach at Coronado Island!  I'm not kidding you, I nearly cried.  It was so sweet and for some reason it just made me feel better about things!  You can see more about them on Adam's Blog.  Sometimes it is the little things in life that make you take a deep breath and realize that everything is ok.

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