Thursday, June 2, 2011

...starting him young

My parents came in to town a couple of weeks ago for a visit.  I'm pretty sure they are no longer coming to visit me and Adam but to see Jackson.  It's kind of like when I meet friends for lunch or coffee and they always say, "oh, and bring Jackson!".  So now I see how it is, real cool, ya'll only like me for my baby.  Kidding, kidding. we took a family trip to Target, a fantastic place and yet somehow, a drain on the wallet.  Someone please tell me how does that happen!?  We went to check out and my favorite little coffee place (Starbucks) was giving out tiny Jack sized samples of their new mocha coconut frappuccino.  Before I knew it, little man had his fingers all up in that whipped cream!  It was priceless.  It also got me thinking that maybe I drank one too many decaf mochas while I was pregnant.  Who am I kidding, you can never have too many mochas!!  

Another thing that Jack got to experience, although not for the first time, was playing the piano with my Dad.  If my Dad and a piano are in the same room you can bet that there is going to be some serious piano playing going on.  

And finally, Grandma got to feed Jack some avocado.  I think his favorite food so far as he dives for the spoon with his mouth wide open!  Well, not in this picture but trust me, that happened.  

On  side note, I went fabric hunting last weekend and looky, look what I found!  I have already started sewing some fabulous little to come soon.  I tried so hard to find cute boy fabrics but they are all so lame!  Next time, I suppose.  

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