Sunday, June 5, 2011

...on cutie little skirts

...if I do say so myself.  Remember the fabrics that I showed you on my last post?  Well, this is what some of it has turned into so far.

Skirts!!  12-18 months, 3-6 months and, wait for it....preemie!  I had some leftover fabric that was not quite big enough to make something for a newborn baby and I think there will always be a special place in my heart for preemies so...preemie skirt!  I think that I'm going to look into making these and donating them to the hospital here where Jack was when he was born.  It is so hard to find preemie clothes but as a parent of a preemie, you still want to dress them up in cutie clothes.  So you might be thinking "um...Jess, you don't have a girl, why on earth are you making all these girl clothes?"  Well...I'm thinking about selling them and I'm really excited about it!  I'll, of course, make matching onesies (which I haven't done yet) and will post pictures as soon as they are finished.  So if you need a gift for a baby and you see something you like please let me know!  I'm trying to make a couple of outfits a week and I'm doing my best to find unique and fun fabrics to use.

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