Friday, August 24, 2012

...on the phantom toy

I knew this was bound to happen.  The one thing that I dreaded most about becoming a parent-the phantom toy.  Have you ever been at a house that had a lot of electronic toys around and then all of the sudden-with no contact from anyone at all-the toy randomly starts playing music?  Electronic toys with all the lights and the flashing are not really my favorite to begin with-especially when the batteries start to die.  Not only do they start to play music at random but then it is slow and creepy and sounds like something out of a horror movie.  Well, my parents got Jackson this toy for his first birthday and to this day, it is one of his favorites!  It is a car that he can push or ride on but on top of that it plays a variety of different songs at a very loud volume.

The kid loves it and we would never, ever get rid of it.  Although yesterday, I was about one second from smashing it on the concrete outside.  So the story is...I put Jack down for his nap around 1 like I always do.  I finished doing some things around the house and then sat down about 2:15 when all of the sudden I heard the music.  This toy was in the hall right outside of his room just blaring a medley of every song it is capable of playing!  I jumped up and ran as fast as I could (slowly) to retrieve the toy and in the process of looking for an "off" switch (which I never found) I'm pretty sure I hit more buttons and made even more noise.  By the time I got the thing out into the living room Jackson was wide awake and standing up in his crib.  There was no recovering.  Nap time was over.

Life goes on.  After the toy incident yesterday, I packed Jackson a little backpack for the hospital.  I have no idea if this is necessary or not but I just put some snacks, diapers, and crayons in a little backpack for him so that everything he might need at the hospital will be ready for whoever needs them.  Seriously, so many unknowns!  Before bed last night we strapped the backpack on him and had no idea whether or not he would care.  Turns out he loved it but it took him a few minutes to figure our how to balance with something on his back.  It was pretty cute watching him teeter around the house in his jammies with a backpack on.

Baby update:  Went to the Doc on Tuesday and it looks like little Quinn should stay in for at least another week which will put me at 36 weeks!  After that, who knows!  

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  1. Oh I am deadly afraid of those toys, too. Caleb used to have a bear that would randomly start playing music. One day it had disappeared. Oh oh. I threatened my family to send toys back that play music and do not have an off switch!