Tuesday, August 28, 2012

...on upcoming baby

Today I am 35 weeks and three days.  Jackson was born at 35 weeks and six days.  The nerves are definitely starting to kick in.  The test I had last week tells us (almost for certain) that this baby will not come this week or even early into next week but because my past experience says that this baby will come, well...now...I'm a starting to get a little freaked out.  It's just that there are so many unknowns.  Will he come tomorrow or will he give us a few more weeks and be full term?  Will he go to the NICU or will he get to come home with us?  VBAC or c-section?  Yikes!

This is a photo from sometime last week.  Adam got some new lighting things for his photography and I get to be the guinea pig!  It's actually pretty fun.  I think he has some other ones that give a better view of my gigantic belly but this is the only one I have for now!  

Side Note:  Jackson and I are playing outside right now and I think that every species of fly known to man is living in our back yard.  Seriously-I might lose my mind.

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