Monday, August 20, 2012

...on a touching story and a touching cause

As I mentioned before, I'm really trying to enjoy this last bit of time with just Jackson.  To make the most of it, you know?  So last night we had finished reading stories and he wanted to rock for a little while (which he hasn't really wanted to do lately).  I gladly obliged and we sat and rocked in the chair.  I started to hear his tiny little voice say/sing something and so I listened closely and this is what I heard...."Jesus me Jesus me".  So, if you can't guess what that is-he was trying to sing Jesus loves me.  Once I composed myself-yes, there may have been tears-I started to sing the song with him.  We sang a couple of verses before I laid him down in his crib to go to sleep.  I came out of his room (still kinda crying) and told Adam what had happened.  I mean, every day it seems like that little kid does something that just makes me love him more and more.  Also, I can't take the credit for him knowing that song.  Sure, we sing it once every now and then, but I'm pretty sure he learned it in the nursery at church.  (He came home singing the clean up song a few weeks ago!)  It's just a really sweet sound to hear your baby boy singing, or trying to sing, Jesus Loves Me.

Our weekend as a whole ended up being pretty busy.  Saturday was the annual Bugaboo workout through our gym, Crossfit Albuquerque, in order to raise money and awareness for SMA.  The work out is in honor of our friend's son, Benjamin (Bugaboo), who brought joy to his family for 200 days before his little body was ready to be whole and strong again in Heaven.  You can read more about Bug and his sister, Addi HERE.  I'm pretty sure at any one of these links you can find a way to donate to the cause if you wish.

The workout is 200 thrusters for time.  

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