Friday, April 15, 2011

...on bargain hunting

One of the last times I was in Phoenix I saw and article in the paper on scoping out good finds at thrift stores.  Ever since then I have had this urge to go down to goodwill and see what treasures I could find.  This morning, after taking chloe to the vet, I drove myself down to goodwill.  I had all these ideas in my mind that I would come out with hundreds of treasures from clothes to purses to books.  After all, I consider bargain shopping to be one of my best talents!  Well, turns out I couldn't bring myself to really dig around in the clothes and things.  Marshalls is one thing but apparently I don't have what it takes to shop goodwill.  I did come out with a book, Les Miserables.  I have been wanting to read this for a while so I was glad to find a copy for cheap.  Funny thing is, it was a library book from APS!  The guy said that they get a lot of "donations" from APS and the public library.  Very generous of them, huh?

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