Monday, April 4, 2011

...on LPO

As part of our efforts to maintain a healthier lifestyle, Adam and I recently signed up for Los Poblanos Organics.  LPO is a local farm that grows organic veggies and delivers them weekly do your door.  This has been such a fun thing for us and has forced us to eat things that we wouldn't normally try.  It is fairly cost effective and has really reduced the frequency of my trips to the store.  I usually just use whatever we get each week in our meals and I have been very surprised at how little goes to waste.  This past week we got green onions, artichokes, apples, oranges, bok choi, lettuce, turnips, sweet potatoes, sugar snap peas, tangerines, and greens.  It seems little little farmers markets, coops, and organic farms are everywhere these days.  I would highly recommend looking for one in your neighborhood.  The price is great, the quality is great, and it is delivered right to our door!

 I feel as thought I have fallen off the wagon as far as blog posts.  One of my goals for the week is to get back to it!

Crossfit Mom update:  Adam made an executive family decision that I should join the crossfit gym.  I'm nervous and excited-the exact joining date is still TBD.  Also, it turns out that I don't hate running as much as I once thought I did.  I have found myself a nice little two mile trail by our house that Jack and I enjoy.  I use the word running loosely.  What I do is more jogging or might be a soft j...

Plug:  If you are a runner with a kid I highly recommend the bob stroller.  It maneuvers like a dream!  

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