Thursday, April 14, 2011

...on Jess, the artist?

I don't think I'd go that far.  I suppose you could put me in the category of I want to have my house decorated but I don't want to pay a million dollars to do it.  I have this really bad habit of seeing something at a store and then thinking, "I could totally make that!"  Sometimes I could, most of the time there is no way.  This painting came out of me seeing a few different things that I liked and trying to copy them in this abstract-y piece of art, I guess.  For all of you true artist out there, kudos to you for your real talent!

The white stripey part on the right is actually lyrics to a song that I LOVE.  I wrote them out and slapped them on the side then painted over with some different colors.  There are some things I would change about this but over all I am pretty pleased.  Plus...the whole project only cost me about $25.  Not too shabby.  

So...thoughts?  I'm almost afraid to ask.  

One last thing.  Remember several posts ago when I asked for opinions on toms shoes?  Well I went out and bought me a pair and it turns out I love them!  They are seriously the most comfy shoe I have ever put on my feet!  I want to get another pair in red.  Trendy, hipster-y, or not, I love 'em!  You should go out and get you some.  

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  1. I love the painting. Make me one, sign it, and you'll be famous! Oh, and on the TOMS topic... Miyuki and I were gonna go to the store and get some, too. :)